Monday, July 23, 2012

Kate Ryan - Electroshock

I have ordered a signed copy of Belgian pop singer Kate Ryan's new album "Electroshock" and can't wait to get it! The album includes the cool dance singles "Lovelife", "Robots", "Broken" and the Charlotte Perrelli duet "Little Braveheart".

"Electroshock" is out now on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. You can also order a signed CD from Kate's official website, Don't miss out on this cool dance album!

"Electroshock" tracklist:

1. Lovelife
2. Believer
3. Broken
4. Robots
5. Crazyville
6. Walk To The Beat
7. Electroshock
8. One More Time
9. Running Away
10. Madness
11. Leave It Alone
12. Everytime
13. Little Braveheart
14. Run Away