Friday, July 31, 2009

Top five soap actors

Who are your favourite soap actors of all time? Please, send me your top five lists by commenting this blog post! Here is my top five:

1. Joan Collins
2. Morgan Fairchild
3. Linda Gray
4. Heather Locklear
5. Lesley-Anne Down

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Falcon Crest released on DVD

As you might already know, season one of the classic 1980's soap opera "Falcon Crest" has been released on DVD in Europe. Here in Sweden it has sold lots of copies and season two is planned to be released in October 2009, according to

Unfortunately, there are no news about a region one release yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I find out. Here are the opening titles to season one:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mischa Barton on The Beautiful Life

Former "The O.C." star Mischa Barton is starring on the new drama series "The Beautiful Life" as Sonya. The show is created by Ashton Kutcher and starts September 16 on The CW. Don't miss it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Victor Webster joins Melrose Place

Another hunk joins the new "Melrose Place". This time it's Victor Webster, known from "Days Of Our Lives" and "Harper's Island". He is, according to, going to play Caleb, a gay publicist. Isn't he gorgeous? The all new "Melrose Place" airs on The CW, September 8.

80's soap Hotel on DVD

The classic 1980's soap "Hotel", starring James Brolin, Connie Sellecca and Anne Baxter has finally been released on DVD! The first season can be ordered from Amazon. The box also includes the pilot episode, guest starring Bette Davis and Morgan Fairchild!

90210 comes to DVD

The "Beverly Hills 90210" spinoff "90210" is coming to DVD! The region one box is released on August 11 and region two on August 17. The DVD's will include cast commentaries, behind-the-scenes featurettes on the show's music, fashion, sets and more.

Update: Season one is released on DVD in Sweden, December 9.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brooke Burns moves to Melrose Place

Actress Brooke Burns will, according to Access Hollywood, join the new "Melrose Place"! She will play Michael Mancini's wife Vanessa. Soap fans might recognize Brooke from the short-lived Fox drama series "North Shore" where she played Nicole Booth.

She has also starred on shows such as "Baywatch", "Miss Guided" and "Pepper Dennis".

Monday, July 20, 2009

Models Inc. on DVD?

Do you remember the 1990's soap "Models Inc."? It was a "Melrose Place" spinoff starring Linda Gray from "Dallas" and Emma Samms from "Dynasty". The show was cancelled after only one season but it still has lots of fans over the world. And we want the show released on DVD! Please sign this petition to help the DVD release happen.
Thank you!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Sinitta album with unreleased PWL tracks

The British 1980's singer Sinitta is releasing a new compilation called "Right Back Where We Started From - Hits Plus" in September. It includes her biggest hits plus the new single "The Day You Said Goodbye", and unreleased Stock Aitken Waterman tracks "How Can This Be Real Love" and "Do You Wanna Find Out".

"Hits Plus" CD 1 tracklist:

1. So Macho
2. Feels Like The First Time
3. Toy Boy
4. G.T.O.
5. Cross My Broken Heart
6. I Don't Believe In Miracles
7. Right Back Where We Started From
8. Love On A Mountain Top
9. Lay Me Down Easy
10. Hitchin' A Ride
11. Love And Affection
12. Shame Shame Shame
13. Where Did Our Love Go
14. How Can This Be Real Love
15. Do You Wanna Find Out (12" Mix)
16. Hitchin' A Ride (PWL 7" Mix)
17. Body Shopping (Pete Hammond Hi-NRG Remix)
18. I Don't Believe In Miracles (Merlin's New Hit Mix)
19. Shame Shame Shame (Alternative 12" Mix)
20. The Day You Said Goodbye
21. Toy Boy (Reloaded)

"Hits Plus" CD 2 tracklist:

1. Toy Boy (The Original Mix)
2. G.T.O. (Modina's Red Roaring Mix)
3. Cross My Broken Heart (12" Euro Remix)
4. I Don't Believe In Miracles (Club Remix)
5. Right Back Where We Started From (Left Back On The Side Mix)
6. Love On A Mountain Top (Promo 12" Mix)
7. Hitchin' A Ride (PWL Remix)
8. How Can This Be Real Love (12" Mix)
9. Body Shopping (Original 12" Mix)
10. I Just Wanna Spend Some Time With You (12" Mix)
11. You Keep Me Hanging On (12" Mix)
12. The Day You Said Goodbye (Pete Hammond's Empire Strikes Back Mix)

Jo moves back to Melrose Place

More great news! Daphne Zuniga is, according to Entertainment Weekly, joining the crew on the new "Melrose Place". She will once again play the photographer Jo Reynolds, who had an on-screen relationship with Jake (Grant Show).

Some of you also know Daphne from "One Tree Hill", where she played Brooke Davis' mother Victoria.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beverly Hills 90210 Vs. Melrose Place

This is a cute scene from the pilot episode of "Melrose Place" where "Beverly Hills 90210" character Kelly (Jennie Garth) crossover to promote the new spinoff series. She had a short relationship with Jake (Grant Show).

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Bobby Ewing's back from the dead

This is the famous shower scene from "Dallas", where the popular Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) returns from the dead! It turns out that the last season was just Pamela's dream. You just have to love that!

The dream season is, by the way, one of my favourite "Dallas" seasons. More glamour, more drama, more female storylines, more "Dynasty".

Melrose Place - The explosion

This is one of the best soap moments ever. Kimberly Shaw (Marcia Cross) blows up the "Melrose Place" building in the first episode of season four. This scene guest stars Morgan Brittany, known from "Dallas".

Monday, July 06, 2009

Dynasty catfight #1

This is the first catfight between Alexis (Joan Collins) and Krystle (Linda Evans) on the number one 80's soap "Dynasty". I just can't get enough of these women, especially Joan. She's the queen bitch of soap operas. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Hilary Duff joins Gossip Girl

The twenty-one year old actress/singer Hilary Duff is joining the glamorous cast of The CW's teen soap "Gossip Girl", according to The Hollywood Reporter. Her character is going to be called Olivia Burke and move in with Vanessa (Jessica Szohr).

Are you excited? I sure am! Let's hope they make Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) a regular in the new season too.

Greek - Season three coming soon

There will be a third season of teen comedy drama "Greek"! ABC has renewed the show and season three will start airing on August 31 in the US. Here in Sweden we're still in the beginning of season two.

While waiting for season three, don't forget to order "Chapter One" and "Chapter Two" on DVD, out now!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Paper Dolls

This is the opening to the 1984 soap opera "Paper Dolls", starring Morgan Fairchild, Mimi Rogers and Nicollette Sheridan. The show only lasted one season but it was a huge success in Germany and Sweden.

Let's hope it will be released on DVD someday! Morgan Fairchild is a soap goddess.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Joan Collins in Marple

The great soap diva from "Dynasty", Joan Collins, recently guest starred on the British murder mystery series "Marple". The episode was called "They Do It With Mirrors" and Joan looked glamorous as always! She played the part of Ruth van Rydock, Miss Jane Marple's (Julia McKenzie) old friend.