Saturday, February 28, 2015

Midnight Boy - When You're Strange

I've previously blogged about Midnight Boy and his cool single "Roll With It". Today's song is his second single "When You're Strange", just as much influenced by eighties music as the first one. The song is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon UK and Amazon US. Check out the video down below, where he strips in the middle of Stockholm.

Tonight, Midnight Boy is competing in Melodifestivalen, the Swedish pre-selection to the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song "Don't Say No", my definitive favourite song of this year's competition.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Kylie Minogue PWL galore

The other day, the reissues of my idol Kylie Minogue's classic PWL albums finally arrived in the mail! They look amazing, don't they? Each album has been remastered and expanded with a bonus CD and DVD, packaged in a lovely box. It's time for Kylie galore!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Madonna - Rebel Heart

I'm very excited about Madonna's upcoming album "Rebel Heart" that will be out on March 9. It includes the hit single "Living For Love" and will be released in many different editions.

The most interesting ones are the "Deluxe Edition" (Pre-order: iTunes, Amazon UK, Amazon US) and the "Super Deluxe Edition" (Pre-order: Amazon UK, Amazon US), packed with bonus tracks.

"Rebel Heart" tracklist - Deluxe Edition:

1. Living For Love
2. Devil Pray
3. Ghosttown
4. Unapologetic Bitch
5. Illuminati
6. Bitch I'm Madonna
7. Hold Tight
8. Joan Of Arc
9. Iconic
10. HeartBreakCity
11. Body Shop
12. Holy Water
13. Inside Out
14. Wash All Over Me
15. Best Night
16. Veni Vidi Vici
17. S.E.X.
18. Messiah
19. Rebel Heart

"Rebel Heart" tracklist - Super Deluxe Edition bonus disc:

1. Beautiful Scars
2. Borrowed Time
3. Addicted
4. Graffiti Heart
5. Living For Love (Paulo & Jackinsky Full Vocal Mix)
6. Living For Love (Funk Generation & H3drush Dub)

Monday, February 09, 2015

Madonna - Living For Love

Check out the official video for Madonna's latest single "Living For Love". I really like the track, it's a grower, and the video is cool as always. One of the outfits is a throwback to Madonna's 1987 look. I also like the quote at the end, it's so true.

The original version of "Living For Love" is out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon UK and Amazon US. There is also a special remix single available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon US.

"Living For Love (Remixes)" tracklist:

1. Living For Love (Djemba Djemba Club Mix)
2. Living For Love (Erick Morillo Club Mix)
3. Living For Love (Thrill Remix)
4. Living For Love (Offer Nissim Living For Drama Mix)
5. Living For Love (Offer Nissim Dub)
6. Living For Love (DJ Paulo Club Mix)
7. Living For Love (Mike Rizzo's Funk Generation Club)
8. Living For Love (Dirty Pop Remix)

Monday, February 02, 2015

Giorgio Moroder Feat. Kylie Minogue - Right Here, Right Now

One of my favourite songs is "I Feel Love" by the late Donna Summer, produced by Italian disco producer Giorgio Moroder. Now, he's back with a brand new single, with vocals by my big idol Kylie Minogue. Check out the official video for "Right Here, Right Now" down below. Lovely, isn't it?

The track is out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Monthly Chart - January 2015

1. Giorgio Moroder Feat. Kylie Minogue - Right Here, Right Now
2. Donna Summer - Supernatural Love
3. RuPaul - The Beginning
4. The Saturdays - Not Giving Up (Radio Mix)
5. Midnight Boy - Roll With It
6. Donna Summer - Face The Music
7. RuPaul - Main Event (Matt Pop 80's Tribute)
8. Toto Coelo - Dracula's Tango (Sucker For Your Love)
9. Bucks Fizz - Cold War (Extended Version)
10. RuPaul - Supermodel (You Better Work)
11. Toto Coelo - I Eat Cannibals
12. Donna Summer - I Don't Wanna Get Hurt (Original 12" Mix)
13. RuPaul - Cover Girl
14. Bucks Fizz - London Town (Extended Club Mix)
15. RuPaul - Theme From "Drag Race"
16. Bucks Fizz - Identity
17. Exposé - Point Of No Return (Rhythm Scholar Deluxe Edition Reconstruction)
18. Bucks Fizz - Easy Love
19. Leighton Meester - Heartstrings
20. Sonique - It Feels So Good
21. Toto Coelo - Dracula's Tango (Sucker For Your Love) (Extended Dance Version)

This list shows which songs I've listened to the most this month, on my computer and my iPod. A regularly updated list of my all-time favourite songs can be found here.

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