Sunday, July 30, 2017

Monthly chart - July 2017

1. Sophie - Same
2. Animotion - I Want You (7" Remix)
3. Citizen Four - Want You Back
4. Deborah Harry - In Love With Love (London Extended Mix)
5. Tracy Spencer - Run To Me
6. Fantasia - Tonight's The Night (Dancing Fish Mix)
7. Coro - Where Are You Tonight
8. Radiorama - Bad Boy You
9. Velvet & Therese - Don't Stop
10. Benjamin Falk - Bills In Beverly Hills (Casanova Mix)
11. Stacey Q - Give You All My Love (Hot Version)
12. Donny Montell - Move Your Body
13. Gina Lamour - I'm Gonna Make You Want Me
14. Liam Payne - Strip That Down
15. Male Room - Now That I'm A Man
16. Lisa Carter - Doctor's Orders (The PWL Remix)
17. Rita Ora - Your Song (Cahill Radio Edit)
18. Stephane & 3G - We Don't Wanna Put In (7th Heaven Radio Mix)
19. Climie Fisher - Love Changes (Everything) (House Mix)
20. Moulin Rouge - High Energy Boy (Extended Mix Version)
21. Sean Smith - Magic (Andy Sikorski Edit)
22. LaGaylia Frazier - My Meditation (Avenza Remix Radio Edit)
23. Damian - The Time Warp (PWL Extended Remix)
24. Skylar Stecker - Only Want You (Dave Audé Radio Edit)
25. Damian - Wig Wam Bam (Extended Version)
26. Lina - Can't Keep Falling (Cahill Radio Edit)
27. Lisa Nilsson - Who's That Boy (Remix Version)
28. Tracy Spencer - Love Is Like A Game
29. Bros - I Owe You Nothing (The Shep Pettibone Mix)
30. Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive (The Shep Pettibone Radio Mix)

This list shows which songs I've listened to the most this month, on my computer and my iPod. A regularly updated list of my all-time favourite songs can be found here.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Debbie Gibson - We Could Be Together - Box Set 1987-2017

Another one of my idols, the lovely Debbie Gibson, is releasing a box set through the Edsel label on October 27. It will consist of ten CD's and three DVD's, including the remastered and expanded studio albums "Out Of The Blue" (1987), "Electric Youth" (1989), "Anything Is Possible" (1990), "Body Mind Soul" (1993), "Think With Your Heart" (1995), "Deborah" (1996), "M.Y.O.B." (2001) and "Ms. Vocalist" (2010).

But that's not all. The set is packed with bonuses like music videos, concerts, remixes and rare tracks, even brand new ones. You can pre-order your copy now from Amazon UK. Check out the full tracklists down below.

"Out Of The Blue" tracklist:

1. Out Of The Blue
2. Staying Together
3. Only In My Dreams
4. Foolish Beat
5. Red Hot
6. Wake Up To Love
7. Shake Your Love
8. Fallen Angel
9. Play The Field
10. Between The Lines
11. Only In My Dreams (Extended Club Mix)
12. Shake Your Love (Club Mix)
13. Out Of The Blue (Club Mix)
14. Staying Together (Remix)
15. Foolish Beat (Extended Mix)
16. Medley (Debbie Gibson Mega Mix)

"Electric Youth" tracklist:

1. Who Loves Ya Baby?
2. Lost In Your Eyes
3. Love In Disguise
4. Helplessly In Love
5. Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words)
6. Should've Been The One
7. Electric Youth
8. No More Rhyme
9. Over The Wall
10. We Could Be Together
11. Shades Of The Past
12. Lost In Your Eyes (Piano And Vocal Mix)
13. Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words) (Acoustic Mix)
14. No More Rhyme (Acoustic Mix)
15. We Could Be Together (Campfire Mix)
16. Electric Youth (Latin Edit)
17. Over The Wall (Dub Version)
18. We Could Be Together (Extended Version)

"Anything Is Possible" tracklist:

1. Another Brick Falls
2. Anything Is Possible
3. Reverse Psychology
4. One Step Ahead
5. Stand Your Ground
6. Deep Down
7. It Must've Been My Boy
8. Lead Them Home My Dreams
9. One Hand, One Heart
10. Sure
11. Negative Energy
12. Mood Swings
13. Try
14. In His Mind
15. Where Have You Been?
16. This So-Called Miracle
17. So Close To Forever
18. The Most Beautiful Love Song

"Body Mind Soul" tracklist:

1. Love Or Money
2. Do You Have It In Your Heart?
3. Free Me
4. Shock Your Mama
5. Losin' Myself
6. How Can This Be?
7. When I Say No
8. Little Birdie
9. Kisses 4 One
10. Tear Down These Walls
11. Goodbye
12. Eyes Of The Child
13. Love Or Lust
14. Kisses 4 One (Percapella)
15. Losin' Myself (T-Ray's Acoustic Mix)
16. Free Me (Extended Mix)

"Think With Your Heart" tracklist:

1. For Better Or Worse
2. Didn't Have The Heart
3. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
4. Dancin' In My Mind
5. Dontcha Want Me Now?
6. Can't Do It Alone
7. Think With Your Heart
8. Too Fancy
9. You Don't Have To See
10. Two Young Kids
11. Interlude/Tony's Rehearsal
12. Let's Run Away
13. Call Yourself A Lover
14. You Know Me

"Deborah" tracklist:

1. Prelude
2. Ode To A Would-Be Lover
3. Moonchild
4. Only Words
5. Naturally
6. Nobody's You
7. Cry Tonight
8. Where I Wanna Be
9. Butterflies Are Free
10. Give Me Your Love
11. Just Wasn't Love
12. I Can't
13. People
14. Don't Rain On My Parade
15. I Will Let You Go
16. My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (Maxi-Pop)
17. You Belong To Me
18. Only In My Dreams (1997 Dance Edit)
19. Only Words (Dance Edit)
20. My Boyfriend's Girlfriend (Unplugged)

"M.Y.O.B." tracklist:

1. M.Y.O.B.
2. Your Secret
3. What You Want
4. Down That Road
5. The One
6. Wishing You Were Here
7. What Part Of No
8. In Blue
9. Jaded
10. Knock Three Times (Feat. Tony Orlando)
11. The Last Word
12. Light The World (Feat. Peabo Bryson)
13. Comes Right Back (Campfire Mix)
14. M.Y.O.B. (Dance Mix)
15. Your Secret (Hot Vocal Radio Mix)

"Ms. Vocalist" tracklist:

1. Tsunami
2. Say Yes
3. I Love You
4. Roman Hikou
5. Suddenly - Love Story Wa Totsuzen
6. True Love
7. Hitomi Wo Tojite
8. Sakurazaka
9. However
10. Robinson
11. Lost In Your Eyes 2010 (English Version)
12. Sekaiju No Dareyori Kitto (Feat. Eric Martin)
13. Lost In Your Eyes 2010 (Japanese Version)

"The Remixes" tracklist:

1. Shake Your Love (Luke Mornay Remix)
2. Electric Youth (Deep House Mix)
3. We Could Be Together (House Mix)
4. Anything Is Possible (12" Remix)
5. One Step Ahead (Club Mix)
6. Losin' Myself (12" Masters At Work)
7. Free Me (Smoove Free Club Mix)
8. Only Words (Arena Club Vocal Mix)
9. Only In My Dreams 1998 (Club Mix)
10. Your Secret (Secret Party Mix)
11. Electric Youth (7th Heaven Club Mix)

"Stage, Screen & Beyond" tracklist:

1. In The Still Of The Night (I'll Remember)
2. Come Home (Wonder Years)
3. Without You
4. Someday (Feat. Chris Cuevas)
5. Hopelessly Devoted To You
6. You're The One That I Want (Feat. Craig McLachlan)
7. With All My Heart
8. Someone You Love (Feat. The O'Neill Brothers)
9. Sounds Like Love
10. Say Goodbye (Feat. Jordan Knight)
11. Naked
12. Already Gone
13. Rise
14. Promises
15. Wonderland (Cutting Room Floor Mix)
16. Snake Charmer
17. Famous
18. RCVR (Big Black Delta)
19. Rise (Revolution Mix)
20. Dance Dance
21. Cougar
22. Pop Circus
23. Only In My Dreams 2016 (Acoustic Version)

DVD 1: "The Videos" tracklist:

1. Only In My Dreams
2. Shake Your Love
3. Out Of The Blue
4. Foolish Beat
5. Staying Together
6. Lost In Your Eyes
7. Electric Youth
8. No More Rhyme
9. We Could Be Together
10. Anything Is Possible
11. This So-Called Miracle
12. One Hand, One Heart
13. Someday (Feat. Chris Cuevas)
14. Losin' Myself
15. Shock Your Mama
16. You're The One That I Want (Feat. Craig McLachlan)
17. For Better Or Worse
18. Didn't Have The Heart
19. Only Words
20. What You Want
21. Already Gone
22. I Love You
23. Shake Your Love (12" Version)
24. Out Of The Blue (12" Version)
25. Electric Youth (Long Version)
26. We Could Be Together (Long Version)
27. Anything Is Possible (UK Version)
28. Only Words (Dance Version)
29. Electric Youth Reloaded (Feat. Jace Hall)

DVD 2: "Concerts" tracklist:

Live In Pittsburgh - The Out Of The Blue Tour (1988)

1. Staying Together
2. Foolish Beat
3. Shake Your Love
4. In The Still Of The Night (I'll Remember)
5. Lost In Your Eyes
6. Should've Been The One
7. Out Of The Blue
8. Only In My Dreams
9. We Could Be Together
10. Crocodile Rock

Live In Atlanta - The Electric Youth World Tour (1989)

1. Who Loves Ya Baby?
2. Over The Wall
3. Lost In Your Eyes
4. Don't Flirt With Me
5. Dance To The Music
6. Love Under My Pillow
7. Should've Been The One
8. We Could Be Together
9. No More Rhyme
10. Electric Youth

DVD 3: "Concerts" tracklist:

Live In Nashville - Tin Pan South (1995)

1. For Better Or Worse
2. Didn't Have The Heart
3. Your Love Amazes Me
4. Too Fancy
5. Lost In Your Eyes
6. Let's Run Away
7. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

Friday, July 14, 2017

Dynasty: My Al Corley CD collection

As you probably know, I'm a huge fan och eighties soap opera "Dynasty", where the cute Al Corley played gay character Stephen Carrington. But Al wasn't just an actor, he was also a singer. This is my CD collection of Al's music: "Square Rooms" (1984), "Riot Of Color" (1986), "The Big Picture" (1988) and the remix single "Land Of The Giants" (1988).

My favourite songs of his are the italo disco sounding "Square Rooms", "Give It Up" and "Cold Dresses".

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Rare CD's: Hi-NRG, italo disco, freestyle, eurobeat

I've found loads of rare CD's, most of them imported from Japan and Italy: "Curiosity" by Regina, "Love Stories" by Mela (Clara Moroni), "Love Is The Name Of The Game" by Patty Ryan, "The Love I Lost" by Seventh Avenue, "My World" and "The Only Reason" by Sophie (Elena Ferretti), "Coro" by Coro, "Man 2 Man" by Man 2 Man and "Raffaella (1988)" by Raffaella Carrà.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Italo disco, synthpop, R&B and freestyle galore

New CD's in my record collection: Remastered reissues of "Let's Start Now" and "Dance Control" by Mike Mareen, "No. 1" by Silent Circle and "Balla... The First Dance" by Francesco Napoli. "Référence 80" by Righeira, "Shout Back" by Daniela Simmons, remastered reissue of the André Cymone produced "Girl Talk" by The Girls, the Pet Shop Boys produced "Future Boy (The Complete Works)" by Cicero and finally "Candi" by Candi.

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