Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Carly Rae Jepsen - I Really Like You

Carly Rae Jepsen is best known for her 2012 hit "Call Me Maybe". Now, she's back with the new single "I Really Like You", another cool dance-pop track influenced by the sound of the eighties. Check out the video down below, featuring Tom Hanks and Justin Bieber. The song is out now on iTunes and Spotify.

"I Really Like You" is taken from Carly's upcoming album "E·MO·TION". I recommend all plastic pop fans to check out her 2012 album "Kiss", it's fabulous!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

David Hasselhoff - True Survivor

I'm not really a David Hasselhoff fan, but I'm a sucker for eighties and nineties culture, so I've enjoyed his TV series "Baywatch" and "Knight Rider". However, I just have to share this brand new video for David's single "True Survivor", the theme from "King Fury", a crowdfunded Swedish comedy set in the eighties.

I really love the eighties sounds, the fashion and all the other pop culture references. It's a lot of fun. The track is out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Paul Hardcastle - 19: The 30th Anniversary Mixes

On May 19, NUA Entertainment will release "19: The 30th Anniversary Mixes" by Paul Hardcastle. The collection includes brand new remixes of his classic hit "19", plus remastered versions of the original 1985 mixes. I love the original's electronic sound and the anti-war message of the lyrics.

All profits from the album will go to help people suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. Pre-order your copy now from Amazon UK and iTunes.

"19: The 30th Anniversary Mixes" tracklist:

1. 19 (Destruction Mix)
2. 19 (PTSD Remix)
3. 19 (History Keeps Repeating Itself)
4. 19 (Cryogenic Freeze Remix)
5. 19 (Inner Changes Remix)
6. 19 (Electronica Remix)
7. 19 (Extended Version)
8. 19 (The Vision)
9. 19 (Welcome To Hell)
10. 19 (NUA Remix)
11. 19 (The Rage Remix)
12. 19 (The Final Story)
13. 19 (Jim Pavloff Edit)
14. 19 (Demo)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Madonna - Ghosttown

Check out the official video for Madonna's new single "Ghosttown", one of my personal favourites on her "Rebel Heart" album. The post-apocalyptic video is directed by Jonas Åkerlund.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Video: Dannii Minogue - Medley (Mardi Gras Party 2015)

I'm a huge fan of the fabulous Dannii Minogue. Check out her performance from Sydney's gay Pride Mardi Gras Party, filmed on March 7. She performs a medley of hits, plus the brand new track "Summer Of Love". If you like this cool track, it's out now on iTunes and Spotify.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

"I stand accused of love in the first degree"

There's nothing like listening to eighties dance-pop music to cheer me up! New additions to my record collection: "Megarama: The Mixes" by Bananarama, the remastered and expanded reissue of "Tell It To My Heart" by Taylor Dayne, plus "Talk To Me" by Swedish synthpop band Neopop.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once Tour (Blu-ray/DVD/CD)

On March 23, the amazing pop goddess Kylie Minogue released her "Kiss Me Once Tour" on Blu-ray and DVD. Both physical editions come with two bonus CD's including the audio of the whole concert. Don't miss this fabulous event!

Blu-ray/CD edition: Amazon UK, Amazon US.
DVD/CD edition: Amazon UK, Amazon US.
Digital edition: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon UK, Amazon US.

"Kiss Me Once Tour" setlist:

1. Intro/Breathe
2. Les Sex
3. In My Arms
4. Timebomb
5. Wow
6. Step Back In Time
7. Spinning Around
8. Your Disco Needs You
9. On A Night Like This
10. Slow
11. Enjoy Yourself
12. Hand On Your Heart
13. Never Too Late
14. Got To Be Certain
15. I Should Be So Lucky
16. Skirt
17. Need You Tonight
18. Sexercize
19. Can't Get You Out of My Head
20. Kids
21. Beautiful
22. Kiss Me Once
23. Get Outta My Way
24. Love At First Sight
25. Tears On My Pillow
26. The Loco-Motion
27. All The Lovers
28. Into The Blue