Friday, June 29, 2018

Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor (The CD Singles Collection)

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that I am a big fan of British pop group Steps and I really love their 2017 comeback album "Tears On The Dancefloor". Now, they are releasing a limited CD singles box set including the amazing "Scared Of The Dark", "Story Of A Heart", "Neon Blue" and "Dancing With A Broken Heart".

All the released remixes are included, plus previously unreleased ones. This is perfect for those who prefer physical singles over digital ones. I just pre-ordered my copy from the official store. You can do the same. But don't wait too long!

"Scared Of The Dark" tracklist:

1. Scared Of The Dark
2. Scared Of The Dark (Acoustic)
3. Scared Of The Dark (7th Heaven Club Mix)
4. Scared Of The Dark (7th Heaven Radio Mix)
5. Scared Of The Dark (Wideboys Dancefloor Club Mix)
6. Scared Of The Dark (Wideboys Dancefloor Radio Mix)
7. Scared Of The Dark (Wideboys Dancefloor Dub)
8. Scared Of The Dark (Wideboys In The Shadows Vocal Mix)
9. Scared Of The Dark (Wideboys In The Shadows Dub)
10. Scared Of The Dark (Wideboys Step It Up Club Mix)
11. Scared Of The Dark (Wideboys Step It Up Radio Mix)
12. Scared Of The Dark (Wideboys Step It Up Dub)
13. You Make Me Whole (Porl Young Radio Edit)
14. You Make Me Whole (Porl Young Club Mix)

"Story Of A Heart" tracklist:

1. Story Of A Heart
2. Story Of A Heart (7th Heaven Club Mix)
3. Story Of A Heart (7th Heaven Radio Mix)
4. Story Of A Heart (Cutmore Club Mix)
5. Story Of A Heart (Cutmore Radio Edit)
6. Story Of A Heart (Cutmore Dub)
7. Glitter & Gold (Rescue Rangerz Radio Mix)
8. Glitter & Gold (Rescue Rangerz Club Mix)
9. Firefly (Ste Ingham Radio Edit)
10. Firefly (Ste Ingham Club Mix)

"Neon Blue" tracklist:

1. Neon Blue (Radio Mix)
2. Neon Blue (7th Heaven Club Mix)
3. Neon Blue (7th Heaven Radio Mix)
4. Neon Blue (Adam Turner Mix)
5. Neon Blue (Adam Turner Radio Edit)
6. Neon Blue (Adam Turner Dub Mix)
7. Happy (Club Junkies Radio Edit)
8. Happy (Club Junkies Club Mix)
9. I Will Love Again (Porl Young Radio Edit)
10. I Will Love Again (Porl Young Club Mix)

"Dancing With A Broken Heart" tracklist:

1. Dancing With A Broken Heart
2. Dancing With A Broken Heart (Video Mix)
3. Dancing With A Broken Heart (7th Heaven Club Mix)
4. Dancing With A Broken Heart (7th Heaven Radio Mix)
5. Dancing With A Broken Heart (Nathan Jain Club Mix)
6. Dancing With A Broken Heart (Nathan Jain Radio Edit)
7. Dancing With A Broken Heart (Nathan Jain Dub)
8. Space Between Us (Club Junkies Radio Mix)
9. Space Between Us (Club Junkies Club Mix)
10. Beautiful Battlefield (Gordon Pogoda Dance Remix)

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Montly chart - June 2018

1. Kylie Minogue - Golden
2. Jesper Jelse Feat. RetroTeque - Don't You Know, Don't You Know
3. Why Don't We - Hooked
4. Samantha Jade - Best Of My Love (2018 Mix)
5. Quest - Got Me Good
6. Me & My - Let The Love Go On
7. Pseudo Echo - Funky Town
8. Samantha Jade - Roller Skates
9. Kylie Minogue - Stop Me From Falling (Joe Stone Remix)
10. Caz Fernández - Nightclubbin'
11. I'm Talking - Do You Wanna Be (SAW Version 12" Mix)
12. Real Life - Send Me An Angel '89
13. SuRie - Storm (7th Heaven Radio Edit)
14. Jessica Mauboy - Beautiful
15. Selena Gomez - Kill Em With Kindness
16. Pseudo Echo - Lies Are Nothing
17. Ultimate Kaos - Casanova (7" Club Mix)
18. XS-5 - I Need More
19. Monrose - Dangerous
20. M. Pokora - Gogo Danseuse (DJ Mercer Remix)
21. Madame Monsieur - Mercy (French Remix)
22. Tricia Leigh Fisher - Something About You
23. Paloma Faith - Make Your Own Kind Of Music (F9 Radio Edit)
24. Shayne Ward - The Way You Were (7th Heaven Radio Edit)
25. Shawn Mendes - There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back (NOTD Remix)
26. Olivia Newton-John - Twist Of Fate
27. Kim Carnes - Voyeur
28. Narada Michael Walden - Divine Emotions (Single Mix)
29. Olivia Newton-John - Love Is A Gift
30. Ieva Zasimauskaitė - When We're Old (Jovani Remix)
31. B3 - You Win Again
32. Shayne Ward - My Heart Would Take You Back (JRMX Club Mix)
33. Netta - Toy (Sagi Kariv Remix)
34. Winda - Where I Belong
35. Backstreet Boys - Don't Go Breaking My Heart

This list shows which songs I've listened to the most this month, on my computer and my iPod. A regularly updated list of my all-time favourite songs can be found here.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Stéphanie - Besoin (Re-release)

Great news eighties lovers. Stéphanie Grimaldi, princess of Monaco, released her debut album "Besoin" in 1986 and now, it has been digitally remastered and expanded on two CD's in a brilliant reissue. The amazing euro disco hits "Ouragan/Irresistible" and "Flash/One Love To Give" are included, plus bonus remixes and versions not included on previous CD releases.

But hurry up and order directly from Club 80, Discogs or Ebay, because the release is limited to just three hundred copies. The release has been remastered by Arnaud Ralite and he always delivers great sound quality, so I recommend this release to all fans.

"Besoin" - CD 1:

1. Flash
2. Rendez-Vous
3. Young Ones Everywhere
4. Ouragan
5. Fleurs Du Mal (À Paul)
6. Dis Tout Bas Dis
7. Live Your Life
8. Le Sega Mauricien
9. Besoin
10. I'm Waiting For You
11. Dance With Me
12. One Love To Give
13. How Can It Be
14. Irresistible
15. Ouragan (Single Version)
16. Flash (Single Version)
17. Live Your Life (Single Version)

"Besoin" - CD 2:

1. Ouragan/Irresistible
2. Flash (Remix Version Longue)
3. Live Your Life (Dance Version - Extended Remix)
4. One Love To Give (Remix)
5. Le Sega Mauricien (Remix)
6. Dance With Me (Remix)
7. Young Ones Everywhere (Mexican 12" Mix)
8. Irresistible (Single Version)
9. One Love To Give (Single Version)
10. Ouragan (Demo Version)
11. Live Your Life (Long Version)
12. Ouragan (Skymix)
13. Flash (Skymix)

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

"Tout est chaos"

New CD's in my record collection: "Beautiful (Platinum Edition)" by Jessica Mauboy, "Me & My" and "Let The Love Go On" by Me & My, "I5" and "Distracted" by I5, "Divine Emotions" by Narada Michael Walden, "Desert Wind" by Ofra Haza, "Still In Love With You" by Meli'sa Morgan, "L'Autre..." by Mylène Farmer, "Greatest Hits" by Maureen McGovern, "The Remixes" by No Angels, "Michelle Gayle" by Michelle Gayle and "The Remix Project" by Magnus Carlsson (Barbados).

After a friend's recommendation, I have also become a big fan of German girl group Monrose and bought their albums: "Temptation", "Strictly Physical", "I Am" and "Ladylike".

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Eurotix - My Eyes (EP)

Artwork by: Jimmy Dyrebrant
Mine and Larry Forsberg's synthpop project Eurotix released the brand new digital EP "My Eyes" today. The title track is an electronic throwback to the eighties with sad lyrics and a retro sound.

The EP also includes brand new remixes of the album track "The Secret" and our cover of "Broken Hearts" by Secret Service. Finally, as a bonus track, we've added our cover of the Swedish synthpop classic "Bang Bang (Heart On Fire)" by Shanghai. Listen to the whole EP down under.

Support us by buying or streaming the EP. It's out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon UK, Amazon US, Google Play and more. You can still get our CD albums from our official store.

"My Eyes" tracklist:

1. My Eyes
2. The Secret 2018
3. Broken Hearts (Remix)
4. Bang Bang (Heart On Fire)

Saturday, June 02, 2018

Quest - Got Me Good (Queer-friendly boyband)

Song of the day is "Got Me Good" by the new Swedish boyband Quest consisting of Oscar Landgren, Marvin Arnet, Isak Sköld and Alexander Malinao. What makes this band so unique is that they're queer-friendly, with two openly gay members and gender neutral lyrics that everyone can relate to. We sure need more of that.

Plus, the song, produced by Alexander Laitila and Andreas Krüger, is a great mixture of modern pop and R&B, just the way we like it. Check out the video down below and support the song by getting it on iTunes, Amazon UK, Amazon US or streaming it on Spotify.