Thursday, June 21, 2018

Stéphanie - Besoin (Re-release)

Great news eighties lovers. Stéphanie Grimaldi, princess of Monaco, released her debut album "Besoin" in 1986 and now, it has been digitally remastered and expanded on two CD's in a brilliant reissue. The amazing euro disco hits "Ouragan/Irresistible" and "Flash/One Love To Give" are included, plus bonus remixes and versions not included on previous CD releases.

But hurry up and order directly from Club 80 or Ebay, because the release is limited to just three hundred copies. The release has been remastered by Arnaud Ralite and he always delivers great sound quality, so I recommend this release to all fans.

"Besoin" tracklist - CD 1:

1. Flash
2. Rendez-Vous
3. Young Ones Everywhere
4. Ouragan
5. Fleurs Du Mal (À Paul)
6. Dis Tout Bas Dis
7. Live Your Life
8. Le Sega Mauricien
9. Besoin
10. I'm Waiting For You
11. Dance With Me
12. One Love To Give
13. How Can It Be
14. Irresistible
15. Ouragan (Single Version)
16. Flash (Single Version)
17. Live Your Life (Single Version)

"Besoin" tracklist - CD 2:

1. Ouragan/Irresistible
2. Flash (Remix Version Longue)
3. Live Your Life (Dance Version - Extended Remix)
4. One Love To Give (Remix)
5. Le Sega Mauricien (Remix)
6. Dance With Me (Remix)
7. Young Ones Everywhere (Mexican 12" Mix)
8. Irresistible (Single Version)
9. One Love To Give (Single Version)
10. Ouragan (Demo Version)
11. Live Your Life (Long Version)
12. Ouragan (Skymix)
13. Flash (Skymix)