Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Monthly Chart - March 2016

1. ILY - Magic
2. Bananarama - Now Or Never
3. Courtney Act - Kaleidoscope
4. Cheryl - It's About Time
5. Kevin Borg - Sunrise
6. Shawn Hook - Sound Of Your Heart (Jump Smokers Remix)
7. Boris René - Put Your Love On Me
8. Jennifer Lopez - First Love
9. Selena Gomez & The Scene - A Year Without Rain (Dave Audé Radio Remix)
10. Helena Paparizou - Don't Hold Back On Love
11. Selena Gomez - The Heart Wants What It Wants (Cosmic Dawn Radio Edit)
12. Jennifer Lopez - So Good
13. Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes (Axento Remix)
14. Robin Bengtsson - Constellation Prize
15. Eric Saade - Colors
16. Justin Bieber - Love Yourself (Division 4 Remix)
17. Betula - Lagt Kort Ligger
18. Pia Zadora - Dance Out Of My Head (7" Version)
19. Isac Elliot - Tired Of Missing You
20. David Lindgren - We Are Your Tomorrow
21. SMILO - Weight Of The World
22. Mini Viva - Left My Heart In Tokyo (Pete Hammond Retro Remix)
23. Kylie Minogue - The One (Freemasons Vocal Club Mix)
24. Alexandra Stan - 1.000.000
25. Cathy Dennis - Touch Me (All Night Long) (Club Mix)
26. Alizée - Moi... Lolita
27. Oscar Zia - Human
28. The Fooo Conspiracy - My Girl
29. Cascada - Summer Of Love
30. Audrey Landers - Shadows Of Love

This list shows which songs I've listened to the most this month, on my computer and my iPod. A regularly updated list of my all-time favourite songs can be found here.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Eric Saade - Colors

I've always enjoyed Swedish pop singer Eric Saade's dance-pop music. Now, he's back with a new single and a new style. Eric has written "Colors" together with, among others, Gustaf Norén from Mando Diao and Viktor Norén from Sugarplum Fairy.

But when artists say they want to make "serious music", I tend to worry, since that usually mean boring acoustic stuff that I can't stand. One example is September, whose new "credible" music as Petra Marklund bores me to sleep. But in Eric's case, I was positively surprised!

Because even though "Colors" isn't an uptempo track, the sound is still electronic, which is what matters to me. The song is a grower and I also like the whole VHS retro feel of the video down below. So what do you think of "Colors"? Please leave a comment.

The track is out now on iTunes Amazon UK, Amazon US and Spotify.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Divine - Shoot Your Shot: The Divine Anthology

In 2013, Cherry Pop Records expanded and reissued drag queen icon Divine's 1988 album "Maid In England". On April 29, comes the brand new compilation "Shoot Your Shot - The Divine Anthology", including the Stock Aitken Waterman produced "You Think You're A Man" and "I'm So Beautiful", together with the Bobby Orlando produced classics "Native Love (Step By Step)", "Love Reaction" och "Shoot Your Shot".

The collection is a must for all fans of eighties Hi-NRG and dance music. Pre-order your copy now from Amazon.

"Shoot Your Shot - The Divine Anthology" tracklist - CD 1:

1. Native Love (Step By Step)
2. Shoot Your Shot
3. Shake It Up
4. Love Reaction
5. T-Shirts And Tight Blue Jeans
6. You Think You're A Man
7. I'm So Beautiful
8. Show Me Around
9. Walk Like A Man/Man Talk
10. Twistin' The Night Away
11. Hard Magic
12. Little Baby
13. Hey You!
14. Shout It Out

"Shoot Your Shot - The Divine Anthology" tracklist - CD 2:

1. Jungle Jezebel
2. Kick Your Butt
3. Alphabet Rap
4. Native Love (Step By Step) (Remix)
5. Shoot Your Shot (Remix)
6. Shake It Up (Special Remix)
7. You Think You're A Man (Remix)
8. I'm So Beautiful (Divine Mix)
9. Show Me Around
10. Give It Up
11. Psychedelic Shack
12. You Think You're A... Medley
13. Native Love (Step By Step) (Alternative Mix)

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Revolution 25th Anniversary Collection

British studio Revolution Software is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary with the release of a brand new box set including their iconic adventure video games "Lure Of The Temptress", "Beneath A Steel Sky", "In Cold Blood" and my personal favourites: the five "Broken Sword" games.

The set is packed with bonus material such as comic books, posters, audio tracks and behind- the-scenes material. Check out the trailer down below and order your copy from Amazon.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Eurotix - The Best Of Times (EP and video)

Artwork by Jimmy Dyrebrant.
Mine and Larry Forsberg's synthpop project Eurotix just released the new EP "The Best Of Times". The title track received the highest number of votes in a poll where our listeners got to choose the next single. The song means a lot to me since I wrote the lyrics myself and because the sound is inspired by my favourite genre: italo disco.

The EP includes a new radio edit of the title track and the bonus tracks "Face Down" – an homage to my favourite Kim Wilde track – and "You Won't See Me Dancing". Finally, we've included a Hi-NRG remix of the album track "Su-Su-Superman", inspired by the sound of iconic producer Bobby Orlando.

Check out the gay themed video down below. It was made using "The Sims 4". The EP is out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

"The Best Of Times" tracklist:

1. The Best Of Times (Radio Edit)
2. Face Down
3. You Won't See Me Dancing
4. Hi-NRG Superman

Thursday, March 17, 2016

"You could be my matchstick, light me up"

New CD's in my collection: "Piece By Piece (Deluxe Edition)" by Kelly Clarkson, "Electric Cabaret" by Infernal, "Sweet Talk" by Samantha Jade, "Left My Heart In Tokyo (Pete Hammond Remixes)" by Mini Viva and finally the Indonesian edition of Samantha Jade's eponymous album which includes the amazing "Firestarter" as a bonus track.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Book sale

I've bought some new books at the book sale: "Beautiful Ruins" by Jess Walter, "Doctor Sleep" by Stephen King och "Melting The Snow On Hester Street" by Daisy Waugh. King's books are always thrilling and the other two books include things I love to read about: drama, glamour and classic Hollywood stars.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Sergey Lazarev - You Are The Only One

I've been a fan of Russian pop hunk Sergey Lazarev since 2007 and have collected all his CD's over the years. Now, Sergey is back with a new song, the cool dance-pop track "You Are The Only One", which is representing Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. I really hope he'll go far in the competition. Sergey has become quite a gay icon after protesting Russia's awful anti-gay laws.

The track is out now on iTunes, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Monday, March 07, 2016

A Day out in Saint-Tropez with Joan Collins

As the title says, we get to follow Joan Collins – fabulous Hollywood legend and "Dynasty" soap diva – out in Saint-Tropez. Check out the video down below. I can't get enough of this soap queen and I wish they would make a "Dynasty" reboot with Joan and Linda Evans reprising their roles. One can dream, right?

"Now or never, maybe forever"

New CD's in my record collection: "Now Or Never" by Bananarama, "For You" by Selena Gomez, "Saxobeats" by Alexandra Stan, "I Left My Heart In Tokyo" by Mini Viva, "Falling" by Cathy Dennis and finally the soundtrack from Swedish cult TV series "Ebba Och Didrik", including the cool pop track "Lagt Kort Ligger" by Betula.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

ILY - Magic

I've written a lot about Swedish pop singer Mimi Oh and her eighties inspired music. Now she is back with a new name, ILY, and her single "Magic" is one of my favourite songs at the moment. The electronic dance-pop track is so catchy and I can't wait to hear more from ILY.

"Magic" is out now on iTunesSpotify, Amazon UK and Amazon US. Check out the cool video down below:

Courtney Act - Kaleidoscope

Australian drag queen Courtney Act got her big break in season six of "RuPaul's Drag Race". Now, she has released a new single, the lovely title track of her 2015 EP "Kaleidoscope". Sure, Courtney doesn't have the strongest voice in the world, but the electronic dance-pop tracks are really catchy and definitely worth checking out if you like artists such as Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga.

I'm really enjoying the whole EP but my personal favourites are "Ecstasy" and the wonderful title track. Don't forget to check out the cool LGBT themed video down below. The EP is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

"Kaleidoscope" tracklist:

1. Kaleidoscope
2. Ecstasy
3. Ugly
4. Body Parts
5. Boys Like Me
6. Inhale

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Monthly Chart - February 2016

1. Cathy Dennis - Just Another Dream
2. Alexandra Stan - I Did It, Mama!
3. Cathy Dennis - Touch Me (All Night Long) (Hot Mix)
4. Cathy Dennis - Everybody Move (7" Radio Edit)
5. One Direction - Night Changes (Afterhrs Remix)
6. Adelén - Spell On Me
7. One Direction - Perfect (Matoma Remix)
8. Alexandra Burke - All Night Long
9. Bucks Fizz - One Touch Too Much
10. Zayn - Pillowtalk
11. Bucks Fizz - Thief In The Night
12. Alexandra Stan - I Did It, Mama! (Armageddon Turk 90's It Grrrl Mix)
13. Cathy Dennis - C'mon And Get My Love
14. Bucks Fizz - Indebted To You
15. Cathy Dennis - Move To This
16. Bucks Fizz - Easy Love (European Version)
17. Cathy Dennis - Too Many Walls
18. Lisa Stansfield - This Is The Right Time
19. Anton Ewald & Medina - This Could Be Something
20. Bucks Fizz - Breaking Me Up
21. Alexia - The Music I Like
22. Cathy Dennis - Got To Get Your Love
23. Bucks Fizz - 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4
24. Kylie Minogue & Dannii Minogue - 100 Degrees (7th Heaven Club Mix)
25. Bucks Fizz - Oh Suzanne
26. Lisa Stansfield - What Did I Do To You? (7" Version)
27. Cher - Take It Like A Man (7th Heaven Club Mix)
28. Cathy Dennis - Just Another Dream (Danny D 7" Edit)

This list shows which songs I've listened to the most this month, on my computer and my iPod. A regularly updated list of my all-time favourite songs can be found here.

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