Saturday, March 26, 2016

Eric Saade - Colors

I've always enjoyed Swedish pop singer Eric Saade's dance-pop music. Now, he's back with a new single and a new style. Eric has written "Colors" together with, among others, Gustaf Norén from Mando Diao and Viktor Norén from Sugarplum Fairy.

But when artists say they want to make "serious music", I tend to worry, since that usually mean boring acoustic stuff that I can't stand. One example is September, whose new "credible" music as Petra Marklund bores me to sleep. But in Eric's case, I was positively surprised!

Because even though "Colors" isn't an uptempo track, the sound is still electronic, which is what matters to me. The song is a grower and I also like the whole VHS retro feel of the video down below. So what do you think of "Colors"? Please leave a comment.

The track is out now on iTunes Amazon UK, Amazon US and Spotify.