Saturday, April 30, 2016

Monthly Chart - April 2016

1. Austin Mahone - Dirty Work
2. Nicole Scherzinger - Killer Love
3. Samantha Jade - Soldier
4. Infernal - Redefinition
5. Alexandra Prince - Rising High
6. Eduard Romanyuta - Nightmare
7. Infernal - Downtown Boys
8. Nicole Scherzinger - Wet
9. Eduard Romanyuta - Betray
10. Anton Ewald - Brand New
11. Eduard Romanyuta - Reckless
12. Saraha - Kizunguzungu
13. Nicole Scherzinger - Poison
14. Alphaville - Forever Young (Special Dance Version)
15. Nicole Scherzinger - Say Yes
16. Sakis Rouvas - Shake It (Marsheaux Radio Mix)
17. Salem Al Fakir - Split My Personality (Bassflow Remix)
18. Modesty - Say A Prayer
19. Jon Nørgaard - Turn The Lights Off
20. Eduard Romanyuta - Conspiracy
21. Alphaville - Big In Japan (Remix '88)
22. Rihanna - Work
23. Anton Ewald - Can't Hold Back
24. Samantha Fox - I Only Wanna Be With You (Extended Version)
25. Alcazar - Young Guns (Go For It) (7th Heaven Club Mix)

This list shows which songs I've listened to the most this month, on my computer and my iPod. A regularly updated list of my all-time favourite songs can be found here.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Flight Of The Amazon Queen (20th Anniversary Edition)

As you might know, I'm a big fan of classic point-and-click adventure games from the eighties and nineties. The entertaining "Flight Of The Amazon Queen" was originally released in 1995 and inspired by the "Monkey Island" and "Indiana Jones" series. Now, this classic has been remastered and rereleased, including extras. You can get your copy now from Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

A legal copy of the original version of the game can be downloaded for free at ScummVM.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Shawn Hook - Sound Of Your Heart (Jump Smokers Remix)

Sometimes a remix of a song is better than the original version. For me, this is the case with "Sound Of Your Heart (Jump Smokers Remix)" by Canadian pop singer Shawn Hook. The original version is okay, but a bit too slow for my taste, so the remix turns the track into a danceable house track right up my alley.

The remix is available now on iTunes, Beatport, Spotify, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Friday, April 08, 2016

Austin Mahone - Dirty Work

So much pop music, so little time. Song of the day is "Dirty Work" by the American singer Austin Mahone. I really like the dance-pop track, especially the electronic sound produced by The Monsters And The Strangerz. The video is nice too, check it out down below.

The track is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Donna Summer - Crayons (Re-relese)

In December 2014, seven Donna Summer albums were remastered, expanded and reissued. On May 20, Donna's final studio album "Crayons" is being reissued as a three disc deluxe edition. The original album was released in 2008 and included the singles "Stamp Your Feet", "Fame (The Game)", "I'm A Fire" and "It's Only Love".

This fan is a must for Donna Summer fans, especially the ones who like remixes. The reissue of "Crayons" can be pre-ordered now from Amazon.

"Crayons" tracklist - CD 1:

1. Stamp Your Feet
2. Mr. Music
3. Crayons
4. The Queen Is Back
5. Fame (The Game)
6. Sand On My Feet
7. Drivin' Down Brazil
8. I'm A Fire
9. Slide Over Backwards
10. Science Of Love
11. Be Myself Again
12. Bring Down The Reign
13. It's Only Love

"Crayons" tracklist - CD 2:

1. I'm A Fire (Craig C's Burnin' Club Vocal Mastermix)
2. I'm A Fire (Craig C's Burnin' Club Mix)
3. I'm A Fire (Craig C's Mixshow)
4. I'm A Fire (Matty's Soulflower Club Mix)
5. I'm A Fire (RedTop's Burning Extended Vocal Mix)
6. I'm A Fire (Rod Carrillo's Leave It On The Floor Mix)
7. I'm A Fire (Baggi Begovic & Soul Conspiracy Original Mix)
8. I'm A Fire (Solitaire Club Mix)

"Crayons" tracklist - CD 3:

1. Stamp Your Feet (Discotech Mix)
2. Stamp Your Feet (Escape/Coluccio Club Mix)
3. Stamp Your Feet (Granite & Sugarman Club Mix)
4. Stamp Your Feet (Jason Nevins Radio Mix)
5. Stamp Your Feet (Jason Nevins Extended Mix)
6. Stamp Your Feet (Ranny's Radio Mix)
7. Stamp Your Feet (Ranny's Big Room Mix)
8. Fame (The Game) (Ralphi Rosario Club)
9. Fame (The Game) (Dave Audé Radio)
10. Fame (The Game) (Dave Audé Club)
11. Fame (The Game) (Dan Chase Radio)
12. Fame (The Game) (Dan Chase Full Vocal)

Monday, April 04, 2016

Rare Eurovision, dance-pop and disco records

Many new CD's in my collection: In the top row we have the rare promo single "I Min Värd" by Pernilla Wahlgren, the rare album "Conspiracy" by Eurovision cutie Eduard Romanyuta and the promo single "By Your Side" by Evan.

The other ones are "Turn It Up Louder" and "Young Foolish Happy" by Pixie Lott, "Shake That" and "Soldier" by Samantha Jade, "Insatiable" by Nadine Coyle and "Time Of Trust" by Tove Naess.

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Kylie Minogue & Dannii Minogue - 100 Degrees (Still Disco To Me)

In 2015, two of my biggest idols, Australian pop sisters Dannii and Kylie Minogue, released the epic Christmas song "100 Degress". However, it feels a bit strange to listen to the track when it's no longer Christmas, but this has now been fixed. They just released a new version of the song, with updated lyrics and a new title: "100 Degrees (Still Disco To Me)".

So we can finally listen to this lovely disco track all-year-round. You can hear one of the remixes from the maxi-single down below. The new edition is out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

"100 Degrees (Still Disco To Me)" tracklist:

1. 100 Degrees (Still Disco To Me)
2. 100 Degrees (Still Disco To Me) (Steve Anderson Extended Disco Mix)
3. 100 Degrees (Still Disco To Me) (7th Heaven Club Mix)
4. 100 Degrees (Still Disco To Me) (Boney Remix)

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Steps - Stomp All Night: The Remix Anthology

Fans of PWL and British pop group Steps have something big to look forward to. On May 6, Demon Music Group will release a three disc compilation called "Stomp All Night: The Remix Anthology". It will include remixes of some of their biggest hits, included some really rare material, plus a new retro remix by Matt Pop.

This is so much better than the low budget compilation "5, 6, 7, 8: The Collection" released back in December 2015. As a huge fans of the group, I can't wait to get my hands on this collection. You can pre-order your copy now from Amazon.

"Stomp All Night: The Remix Anthology" tracklist - CD 1:

1. Stomp (W.I.P. Mix)
2. Last Thing On My Mind (W.I.P't Up In The Disco Mix)
3. One For Sorrow (W.I.P. Remix)
4. Tragedy (W.I.P. Reception Mix)
5. Better Best Forgotten (W.I.P. '99 Cream Of Manchester Mix)
6. Love's Got A Hold On My Heart (W.I.P. Off The Wall Mix)
7. After The Love Has Gone (W.I.P. Mix)
8. Summer Of Love (W.I.P. Remix)
9. Deeper Shade Of Blue (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix)
10. It's The Way You Make Me Feel (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix)
11. Here And Now (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix)
12. Chain Reaction (Xenomania Club Mix)

"Stomp All Night: The Remix Anthology" tracklist - CD 2:

1. Say You'll Be Mine (Matt Pop's Old Skool Mix)
2. Better The Devil You Know (2T's 2 Go Mix)
3. You'll Be Sorry (W.I.P. Bach To Classics Mix)
4. 5, 6, 7, 8 (W.I.P. Remix)
5. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby (W.I.P. Mix)
6. Baby Don't Dance (W.I.P. 12" Pushing It Mix)
7. Deeper Shade Of Blue (W.I.P. Mix)
8. One For Sorrow (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix)
9. Words Are Not Enough (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix)
10. You'll Be Sorry (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix)
11. Chain Reaction (Almighty Mix)
12. I Know Him So Well (Almighty Mix)

"Stomp All Night: The Remix Anthology" tracklist - CD 3:

1. Stomp (Dance Man's Cosmic Funk Mix)
2. Summer Of Love (Tour Mix)
3. One For Sorrow (Soul Solution Extended Vocal Mix)
4. Chain Reaction (Kool De Sac Remix)
5. 5, 6, 7, 8 (Euro Step Mix)
6. Heartbeat (Simon Hill Mix)
7. One For Sorrow (Tony Moran Underground Club)
8. Summer Of Love (D-Bop's Tequila Sunrise Vocal Mix)
9. Chain Reaction (Hit Squad Mix)
10. Deeper Shade Of Blue (Blockster Dirty Blue Klub Mix)
11. One For Sorrow (Pimp Juice's Summer Fung 12")
12. 5, 6, 7, 8 (W.I.P. 2002 Remix)
13. Stomp (Stomp'n Remix)

Friday, April 01, 2016

My favourites: Modesty - One More Broken Heart (1987)

It's time for another one of my favourite tracks: "One More Broken Heart" by Swedish pop band Modesty. The trio was formed in the town of Gävle in the early eighties and consisted of Peter Ericson, Joakim Sundström and Pelle Nylén. I first heard about them in the early two-thousands, after discovering and falling in love with eighties pop music. A friend lended me an old VHS tape where their music video was included.

I instantly fell for the catchy synthpop track and the band's cool eighties look. It didn't hurt that Peter, the lead singer, was so good looking. Not long after, I managed to track down a CD copy of the band's first and only album, "Pieces Of Modesty". Some of my other favourites from that album are "Say A Prayer", "Big Beat" and "Too Late".

"One More Broken Heart" was released as a single in 1987 and charted on the Swedish music show "Listan". The song was written by Peter who still works as music producer and technician. Pelle is a songwriter and has written tracks for Steps, Carrie Underwood and Westlife, while Joakim lives in London and has worked as a sound editor on many international movies and TV series.

Check out the music video down below. The whole album is now available digitally on iTunes and Spotify. The CD edition can quite easily be found on Ebay. If you like eighties pop in the vein of A-ha and Johnny Hates Jazz, give Modesty a listen!

Keep an eye on my new blog label "favourites" to see, hear and read about more of my favourite tracks. You can also subscribe to my favourites playlist on YouTube.