Friday, April 01, 2016

My favourites: Modesty - One More Broken Heart (1987)

It's time for another one of my favourite tracks: "One More Broken Heart" by Swedish pop band Modesty. The trio was formed in the town of Gävle in the early eighties and consisted of Peter Ericson, Joakim Sundström and Pelle Nylén. I first heard about them in the early two-thousands, after discovering and falling in love with eighties pop music. A friend lended me an old VHS tape where their music video was included.

I instantly fell for the catchy synthpop track and the band's cool eighties look. It didn't hurt that Peter, the lead singer, was so good looking. Not long after, I managed to track down a CD copy of the band's first and only album, "Pieces Of Modesty". Some of my other favourites from that album are "Say A Prayer", "Big Beat" and "Too Late".

"One More Broken Heart" was released as a single in 1987 and charted on the Swedish music show "Listan". The song was written by Peter who still works as music producer and technician. Pelle is a songwriter and has written tracks for Steps, Carrie Underwood and Westlife, while Joakim lives in London and has worked as a sound editor on many international movies and TV series.

Check out the music video down below. The whole album is now available digitally on iTunes and Spotify. The CD edition can quite easily be found on Ebay. If you like eighties pop in the vein of A-ha and Johnny Hates Jazz, give Modesty a listen!

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