Friday, June 30, 2017

My Gina G collection

I'm not just obsessed with eighties music, I also like nineties music, especially kitschy dance-pop and euro disco. The Australian-British singer Gina G is best known for her hit single "Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit" that represented the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 1996. But she has done so many other great pop songs over the years. Down below is a photo of my Gina G CD collection.

It includes the albums "Fresh!" and "Get Up & Dance", plus different editions of the singles "Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit", "I Belong To You", "Fresh!", "Ti Amo", "Gimme Some Love", "Every Time I Fall", "Love The Life 96" and "Tonight's The Night".

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Monthly chart - June 2017

1. Steps - Story Of A Heart (7th Heaven Radio Mix)
2. Carly Rae Jepsen - Cut To The Feeling
3. Mariah Carey - You're Mine (Eternal) (Chus & Ceballos Remix Edit)
4. Bananarama - I Heard A Rumour (Original Mix)
5. Katz - One Touch Too Much
6. Stacey Q - Don't Make A Fool Of Yourself (Shep Pettibone Radio Edit)
7. Donny Montell - Screw Me Up
8. Gina G - Tonight's The Night
9. Zoë - Dangerous Affair
10. Liamoo - Burn
11. Samantha Jade - Always
12. Caz Fernández - I'm No Good At Keeping Secrets
13. Jamiroquai - Automaton
14. Bunny X - Lasers & Lace
15. Stacey Q - Out Of My Heart
16. SuperCub - All Kinds Of Amazing (7th Heaven Radio Mix)
17. Jamiroquai - Cloud 9
18. Paul Varney - Kiss And Make Up (Andy Sikorski Edit)
19. Goldfrapp - Rocket (Richard X Eight Four Remix)
20. Adam Lambert - Another Lonely Night
21. Kady Z - Game Over
22. Samantha Jade - Born To Be Alive
23. Alphabeat - Fascination (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)
24. Bananarama - Nathan Jones (Dave Ford Mix)
25. Kady Z - Beautiful Disaster
26. Ruslana - It's Magical
27. Alphabeat - 10,000 Nights (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)
28. Dead Or Alive - My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me To The Doctor) (7" Version)
29. Kady Z - Drown You Out
30. Lady Gaga - The Cure (Liam Keegan Radio Edit)
31. Katz - Loving You Is All I Know (Maxi Disco Mix)

This list shows which songs I've listened to the most this month, on my computer and my iPod. A regularly updated list of my all-time favourite songs can be found here.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Steps - Story Of A Heart (Video + Remixes)

Today, Steps finally premiered the video for their new single "Story Of A Heart" and you can check it out down below. The video is such a nostalgic trip for those of us who have followed the group since their debut in the nineties.

As you probably know by now, the song is written by ABBA's Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, and is the second single from Steps' wonderful comeback album "Tears On The Dance Floor".

The digital single includes brand new remixes by Cutmore and 7th Heaven, which is always a big plus. I even think that the song is even better as an uptempo track. You can get the remixes now from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

"Story Of A Heart (Remixes)" tracklist:

1. Story Of A Heart (Cutmore Radio Mix)
2. Story Of A Heart (7th Heaven Club Mix)
3. Story Of A Heart (Cutmore Club Mix)
4. Scared Of The Dark (7th Heaven Club Mix)
5. Scared Of The Dark (Wideboys Step It Up Club Mix)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Liza Minnelli - Results (Re-release)

Is it Christmas? It sure feels like it, because yet another one of my favourite albums are being expanded and reissued. On August 25, Strike Force Entertainment are releasing a deluxe edition of musical icon Liza Minnelli's 1989 album "Results", including bonus remixes and music videos.

This lovely synthpop album is produced by the Pet Shop Boys and includes the electronic singles "Losing My Mind", "Don't Drop Bombs" and "Love Pains", plus the ballad single "So Sorry, I Said". Pre-order your copy of this masterpiece now from Amazon UK or Cherry Red.

"Results" tracklist - CD 1:

1. I Want You Now
2. Losing My Mind
3. If There Was Love
4. So Sorry, I Said
5. Don't Drop Bombs
6. Twist In My Sobriety
7. Rent
8. Love Pains
9. Tonight Is Forever
10. I Can't Say Goodnight

"Results" tracklist - CD 2:

1. Losing My Mind (7" Mix)
2. Losing My Mind (Extended Remix)
3. Losing My Mind (Full Length Ultimix)
4. Losing My Mind (Ultimix Dub)
5. Losing My Mind (Almighty Club Mix)
6. Losing My Mind (Almighty Dub)
7. Losing My Mind (Almighty Transensual Mix)
8. Love Pains (Steve Hurley's Radio Edit)
9. Love Pains (Steve Hurley's Remix)
10. Love Pains (Deep House Pains)
11. Love Pains (Deep Dub)
12. Love Pains (Steve Hurley's Instrumental)

"Results" tracklist - CD 3:

1. Don't Drop Bombs (New 7" Mix)
2. Don't Drop Bombs (Extended Remix)
3. Don't Drop Bombs (Disconet Remix)
4. Don't Drop Bombs (Exterminator Remix)
5. Don't Drop Bombs (Peace And Love Remix)
6. Don't Drop Bombs (Dub Mix)
7. Don't Drop Bombs (Percapella)
8. Don't Drop Bombs (Accapella)
9. Don't Drop Bombs (Instrumental)

"Results" tracklist - DVD 1:

1. Losing My Mind (Video)
2. Don't Drop Bombs (Video)
3. So Sorry, I Said (Video)
4. Love Pains (UK TV Appearance)
5. The Day After That (Video)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Exposé - What You Don't Know (Re-release)

Another one of my favourite albums are being remastered and reissued on August 18. "What You Don't Know" by freestyle girl group Exposé was originally released in 1989 and includes the singles "What You Don't Know", "Tell Me Why", "Stop, Listen, Look & Think", "Your Baby Never Looked Good In Blue" and "When I Looked At Him". This album is a must for every fan of eighties dance-pop music.

The reissue by Cherry Pop Records will consist of three CD's packed with bonus tracks like B-sides, demos and remixes, plus the previously unreleased track "You Got Me Running". Pre-order your copy now from Amazon UK and Cherry Red. I also recommend the reissue of their debut album "Exposure" too. It's great!

"What You Don't Know" tracklist - CD 1:

1. What You Don't Know
2. Stop, Listen, Look & Think
3. Tell Me Why
4. When I Looked At Him
5. Let Me Down Easy
6. Still Hung Up On You
7. Your Baby Never Looked Good In Blue
8. Now That I Found You
9. Love Don't Hurt (Until You Fall)
10. Didn't It Hurt To Hurt Me
11. Walk Along With Me
12. What You Don't Know (Radio Mix)
13. When I Looked At Him (Single Version)
14. Tell Me Why (Remix Radio Edit)
15. Your Baby Never Looked Good In Blue (Radio Remix)
16. Tell Me Why (7" Remix)
17. Stop, Listen, Look & Think (7" Single Version)
18. Walk Along With Me (Single Version)

"What You Don't Know" tracklist - CD 2:

1. What You Don't Know (Paradise Version)
2. When I Looked At Him (Suave Mix)
3. Tell Me Why (Extended Remix)
4. Stop, Listen, Look & Think (Lambada Mix Radio Edit)
5. What You Don't Know (In Effect Mix)
6. When I Looked At Him (Suave Mix - US Edit)
7. Tell Me Why (Groovehouse Mix)
8. Stop, Listen, Look & Think (House Mix)
9. What You Don't Know (Atomic Mix)
10. Tell Me Why (No Name Mix - Part 1 Dub/Part 2 Vocals)
11. Stop, Listen, Look & Think (L.A. Mix)
12. What You Don't Know (Bass Mix)

"What You Don't Know" tracklist - CD 3:

1. Tell Me Why (12" Remix)
2. Stop, Listen, Look & Think (Deep Thought Mix)
3. What You Don't Know (Crossover Mix)
4. Stop, Listen, Look & Think (Dub Mix)
5. Tell Me Why (Radio Edit)
6. Stop, Listen, Look & Think (7" Club Single Edit)
7. What You Don't Know (Might Hurt You Beats)
8. Stop, Listen, Look & Think (Ambient Mix)
9. Tell Me Why (Voice Me Why Percapella)
10. What You Don't Know (Martineé Expo Mix)
11. Stop, Listen, Look & Think (12" Mix)
12. Tell Me Why (Dakeyne DMC Remix)
13. Stop, Listen, Look & Think (Dub)
14. What You Don't Know (Demo)
15. You Got Me Running

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Baccara, Katz, Tracy Spencer, Stacey Q, PWL galore

New additions to my record collection: "I Belong To Your Heart" by Baccara, "Tracy" by Tracy Spencer, "Sunni" by freestyle singer Sunni, "Baby It's You" by Hawn & Wonder, the compilation "Super Disco Hit Collection '89" which includes many rare PWL related tracks, "Don't Make A Fool Of Yourself" and "Going Goth" by Stacey Q.

And last but not least: a CD reissue of "Female Of The Species" by Swedish pop duo Katz, produced by the Secret Service guys. It's a bootleg but the sound quality is quite good for an album sourced from vinyl. This is probably the only chance we'll ever get this classic album on CD.

Friday, June 09, 2017

"Love is blind, it's true, nobody is like you"

New CD's in my record collection "Donny Montell" by Eurovision singer Donny Montell, the Pete Hammond produced "Life Force" by Ouriel Elixir, "Nine" by Samantha Jade, "Trouble In Paradise" by La Roux, "Give Me Love" by Fun Fun and finally the Pete Hammond produced "Life In Tokyo" by EPO.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Grace And Frankie - A truly amazing show

The comedy-drama series "Grace And Frankie" follows two very different women who become friends after their husbands announce that they are in love with each other. I'm a fan of Jane Fonda so she was the main reason I decided to watch the show. But I got hooked right from the start and the show also made me a fan of Lily Tomlin, whose character is such a joy. I kind of wish I was her friend.

Watching the unlikely friendship evolve is what makes this show so great. It's also refreshing to finally see a good TV series about people over forty. It didn't take me long to watch all three seasons on Netflix. But now what? The fourth season is set to premiere in 2018. I can't wait that long to share the lives of these amazing characters. Maybe I'll just re-watch the show in the meantime.

I really recommend this series to anyone who needs some cheering up. It's truly amazing.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Zoë - Dangerous Affair

Do you remember the Austrian singer Zoë? She competed with the magical song "Loin D'ici" in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and quickly became one of my favourites that year. Now, she's back with the new single "Dangerous Affair". It has English lyrics and a more electronic sound than her previous work, which is always a big plus for me.

Check out the video down below. The song is out now on iTunes and Spotify. I also recommend her lovely album "Debut".