Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Baccara - I Belong To Your Heart (The Album)

The wait is over! I have previously blogged about Baccara's comeback single, the eighties retro hit "I Belong To Your Heart", produced by Luis Rodríguez. Now, there is finally a whole new album out featuring the fabulous María Mendiola and Cristina Sevilla.

I'm so glad the whole album has that lovely eighties retro sound of Modern Talking, C.C. Catch, Blue System, Sweet Connection and the tracks of the New Baccara-era. I'm sold.

The album is already out digitally on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. WAV files can be bought from Beatport and JunoDownload. Those of us who prefer a CD can pre-order it now from Amazon UK or Amazon DE. It will be released on May 26.

"I Belong To Your Heart" tracklist:

1. I Belong To Your Heart
2. Super Sexy Baby
3. I Will Follow You
4. I Love You Moscow
5. You Are My Angel
6. All Your Love
7. Conquer Any Distance
8. Gimme Your Love
9. Stand By Me
10. Secret Of Love
11. Fantasy Boy 2017
12. My Funky Love
13. I Belong To Your Heart (Extended Version)