Thursday, June 22, 2017

Liza Minnelli - Results (Re-release)

Is it Christmas? It sure feels like it, because yet another one of my favourite albums are being expanded and reissued. On August 25, Strike Force Entertainment are releasing a deluxe edition of musical icon Liza Minnelli's 1989 album "Results", including bonus remixes and music videos.

This lovely synthpop album is produced by the Pet Shop Boys and includes the electronic singles "Losing My Mind", "Don't Drop Bombs" and "Love Pains", plus the ballad single "So Sorry, I Said". Pre-order your copy of this masterpiece now from Amazon UK or Cherry Red.

"Results" tracklist - CD 1:

1. I Want You Now
2. Losing My Mind
3. If There Was Love
4. So Sorry, I Said
5. Don't Drop Bombs
6. Twist In My Sobriety
7. Rent
8. Love Pains
9. Tonight Is Forever
10. I Can't Say Goodnight

"Results" tracklist - CD 2:

1. Losing My Mind (7" Mix)
2. Losing My Mind (Extended Remix)
3. Losing My Mind (Full Length Ultimix)
4. Losing My Mind (Ultimix Dub)
5. Losing My Mind (Almighty Club Mix)
6. Losing My Mind (Almighty Dub)
7. Losing My Mind (Almighty Transensual Mix)
8. Love Pains (Steve Hurley's Radio Edit)
9. Love Pains (Steve Hurley's Remix)
10. Love Pains (Deep House Pains)
11. Love Pains (Deep Dub)
12. Love Pains (Steve Hurley's Instrumental)

"Results" tracklist - CD 3:

1. Don't Drop Bombs (New 7" Mix)
2. Don't Drop Bombs (Extended Remix)
3. Don't Drop Bombs (Disconet Remix)
4. Don't Drop Bombs (Exterminator Remix)
5. Don't Drop Bombs (Peace And Love Remix)
6. Don't Drop Bombs (Dub Mix)
7. Don't Drop Bombs (Percapella)
8. Don't Drop Bombs (Accapella)
9. Don't Drop Bombs (Instrumental)

"Results" tracklist - DVD 1:

1. Losing My Mind (Video)
2. Don't Drop Bombs (Video)
3. So Sorry, I Said (Video)
4. Love Pains (UK TV Appearance)
5. The Day After That (Video)