Thursday, May 09, 2019

Kylie Minogue - New York City (Video, new single, etc.)

My big idol Kylie Minogue just released a video for her new song "New York City". Check it out down below. The video was shot during her "Golden" tour and the song was originally a demo made during the "Golden" album sessions, but didn't quite fit the whole country-pop sound. But now it's available on the compilation album "Step Back In Time: The Definitive Collection".

I know what you're thinking: "Yet another best of album?" That's what I thought too, so since I already have all of the other tracks, I bought just "New York City" as a WAV download from Junodownload. The track is also available digitally on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play.

But if you prefer the physical releases there are many editions to pick from, CD, vinyl and cassette. You can pick your favourite at Amazon or Kylie's official website.

I totally love the sound of "New York City" and the sampling of Mylo's "Drop The Pressure" is so right. I hope the next album by Kylie is a return to modern dance-pop and nu-disco, the genres she does best in my opinion.

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