Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Eurovision: Why UK's Michael Rice didn't win

Oh, how Eurovision fans can go overboard sometimes. I unfollowed someone on Twitter for writing stuff like "Europe hates the UK. They just want our money but then they don't vote for us". Another British viewer wrote: "How can San Marino get more points than our song?"

Let me break it down for you. A couple of factors led to the UK doing poorly in this year's competition. Sadly, Michael didn't sing very well live that night. I've heard him sing in other videos and he is normally a brilliant singer, so I am positive that nerves were to blame, NOT Michael.

I thought the song itself was quite good. But the production and the slow tempo made it too boring for my taste and I think most of Europe agreed. And Michael's shaky vocals didn't help. However, had they instead used the "7th Heaven Radio Edit", they might have received more votes. I have been listening to that remix a lot since it was released and it makes the original song so much better.

This is often the case with UK entries, I usually end up listening to the remixed versions more than the originals. So maybe it's time for the UK to start sending more dance-club oriented songs to Eurovision? But that's just what I think.

And remember, this is a competition that shouldn't be taken so seriously. Starting to blame other countries for not voting for you is quite rude. I always say: "There is no right or wrong when it comes to music, just difference tastes."

Support Michael by streaming or buying the remix single on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. I have fixed the tracklist down below since the label messed them up on the digital releases.

"Bigger Than Us (Remixes)" tracklist:

1. Bigger Than Us (7th Heaven Radio Edit)
2. Bigger Than Us (7th Heaven Club Mix)

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