Friday, November 08, 2013

Kylie Minogue - Skirt (Remixes)

My idol Kylie Minogue released her single "Skirt" earlier this year. The cool dance track is a buzz single from her upcoming album and I absolutely love it! It's only available to buy from Beatport.

The good thing about buying the song from them is that music nerds like me can get it in WAV format, for the best possible sound quality. I'm looking forward to Kylie's upcoming album and I hope it will be in the same electronic style as "Skirt"!

"Skirt" tracklist:

1. Skirt
2. Skirt (Extended Mix)
3. Skirt (Nom De Strip Dub Mix)
4. Skirt (GTA Remix)
5. Skirt (Switch Remix)
6. Skirt (Hot Mouth Remix)