Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vanbot - Vanbot

A while back, a friend recommended me to check out the Swedish artist Vanbot. Her real name is Ester Ideskog and she released the debut album "Vanbot" in 2011. The sound is amazing electropop with a touch of the eighties. "Vanbot" includes the singles "Make Me, Break Me" and "Lost Without You", plus the cool album tracks "Numb" and "Ringing".

You can get "Vanbot" from iTunes and Spotify. But if you're like me and prefer a physical release, the CD edition is still available to order from Vanbot's official website.

"Vanbot" tracklist:

1. Ringing
2. Numb
3. By The Side Of This Road
4. Bitter Is The Sweetest Part
5. Maybe
6. Make Me, Break Me
7. Well Done Girl
8. Lost Without You
9. Tired
10. Bad Day
11. Safe By The Numbers