Saturday, June 09, 2012

Jedward - Young Love

The Irish pop duo Jedward are back with their third studio album "Young Love". It will be released in Germany on June 22, in Europe and the UK on June 25 and in the US on June 26.

The album is filled with great pop tunes, including the Eurovision Song Contest hit "Waterline". You can already pre-order the album from Amazon UK.

"Young Love" tracklist:

1. Waterline
2. Young Love
3. What's Your Number
4. A Girl Like You
5. Luminous
6. Give It Up
7. Happens In The Dark
8. All I Want Is You
9. What It Feels Like
10. How Did You Know
11. Can't Forget You
12. P.O.V.
13. Never Better
14. Cool Heros
15. School's Out