Monday, January 28, 2019

Rick Astley, Teena Marie, Ruby Turner and more

These are the only Rick Astley albums I own: Reissues of "Whenever You Need Somebody", "Hold Me In Your Arms" and "Free/Body & Soul", plus the album "Keep It Turned On". But I mainly just listen to the first two, and the uptempo tracks on "Keep It Turned On". The rest are too slow in my opinion. Can't beat the eighties Stock Aitken Waterman and PWL sound!

More CD's from my collection: "Show Me Love" by Robin S., "Shades Of Red" by Paris Red, "Jakie Quartz" by Jakie Quartz, reissue of "Women Hold Up Half The Sky" plus "The Motown Song Book", "Paradise (Japanese Edition)" and "The Other Side" by Ruby Turner, "It Must Be Magic" by Teena Marie and "Joey Lawrence" by Joey Lawrence.

And finally: Reissue of "Come On Inside" by Rena Scott, "House Of Cards" by Elen Cora, "Mystic Time" by Siberian Heat, reissues of "Emerald City", "Starchild", "Robbery" and "Naked To The World", plus "Ivory" and "Since Day One" by Teena Marie.