Monday, January 19, 2015

My favourites: Jessica Simpson - Irresistible (2001)

It's time for another one of my "favourite songs", and it's "Irresistible" by American singer Jessica Simpson. I think she's so under-rated as an artist. Sure, she might have started out as a Britney Spears clone, but she has a much stronger voice and has recorded lots of great pop tunes over the years.

"Irresistible" was the first single from the album by the same name, released in 2001. Here in Sweden it reached number seventeen on the singles chart, and the track was written and produced by Anders Bagge, from the jury of "Swedish Idol". Check out the video down below. I remember thinking it was so fierce when I first saw it on Swedish TV.

I love the cool R&B-pop sound that was so popular back then, and Jessica's voice is amazing, as usual. This fabulous pop track should have been a bigger hit. Give the song and the album a listen, it's available from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

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