Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Limahl - Don't Suppose (Re-release)

On August 11, Limahl's classic 1984 album "Don't Suppose" is being reissued as a collector's edition. The album includes mega hit "The Neverending Story", theme song of the movie by the same name, plus the singles "Only For Love", "Too Much Trouble" and "Tar Beach".

The reissue also includes a bonus disc, packed with remixes, B-sides and demos. Pre-order your copy now from Amazon UK.

"Don't Suppose" tracklist - CD 1:

1. Don't Suppose
2. That Special Something
3. Your Love
4. Too Much Trouble
5. The Neverending Story
6. Only For Love
7. I Was A Fool
8. The Waiting Game
9. Tar Beach
10. Oh Girl
11. The Greenhouse Effect (Live)
12. OTT (Over The Top)
13. You've Been Gone A Little While (Too Much Trouble Reprise)

"Don't Suppose" tracklist - CD 2:

1. The Neverending Story (12" Mix)
2. The Neverending Story (Rusty 7" Mix)
3. The Neverending Story (12" Dance Mix)
4. The Neverending Story (12" Dub Mix)
5. Only For Love (Dance Mix)
6. Only For Love (Dub Mix)
7. Too Much Trouble (Lovers Heartbeat Mix)
8. Too Much Trouble (7" Version)
9. Tar Beach (The City Blues Mix)
10. L'histoire Sans Fin
11. Ivory Tower
12. Your Love (12" Master)
13. Heartbeat (Demo)
14. Then Suddenly (Demo)
15. Heart Of Gold (Demo)