Thursday, July 31, 2014

Laura Branigan - Branigan (Re-release)

I recently blogged about the reissue of Laura Branigan's classic album "Self Control". Now, her debut album "Branigan", originally released in 1982, has been remastered and reissued.

The mega hit "Gloria" is included, together with a total of seven bonus tracks, including stand alone singles, a remix, B-sides and songs recorded before the album release.

Gold Legion are infamous for their lack of customer service, so instead of ordering directly from them, order your copy from Amazon UK, Amazon US or Laura's official website to get the CD as quick as possible.

"Branigan" tracklist:

1. All Night With Me
2. Gloria
3. Lovin' You Baby
4. Living A Lie
5. If You Loved Me
6. Please Stay, Go Away
7. I Wish We Could Be Alone
8. Down Like A Rock
9. Maybe I Love You
10. Looking Out For Number One (Midnight Mix)
11. Fool's Affair
12. Tell Him
13. Love Me Tonight
14. When
15. Looking Out For Number One
16. Gloria (Extended Version)