Thursday, October 11, 2012

Samantha Fox - 21st Century Fox (Re-release)

For a limited time, you can order a brand new reissue of the 1997 Samantha Fox album "21st Century Fox", signed by Samantha herself. I was hoping for some previously unreleased tracks to be included, but the remixes are a nice bonus!

The album includes the catchy singles "Let Me Be Free", "The Reason Is You (One On One)" and "Perhaps". The sound is a wonderful mix of nineties dance, pop and house music. Get your copy now from Ebay.

"21st Century Fox" tracklist:

1. Just A Dream
2. The Reason Is You (One On One)
3. I Dream In Colours
4. Deeper
5. Where Is The Love?
6. Love Makes You
7. Let Me Be Free
8. Wasted N.R.G.
9. Say What You Want
10. Do You Want Me?
11. Boundaries Of Love
12. Watching You
13. Perhaps
14. The Reason Is You (One On One) (Drop Dishes Club Mix)
15. The Reason Is You (One On One) (Mystic Masermystic Masters Remix)
16. Wasted N.R.G. (Trance Mix)
17. Let Me Be Free (Beam's Fun-House Mix)
18. Let Me Be Free (Extended Version)