Monday, October 22, 2012

La Camilla - Temper

Former Army Of Lovers member, the fabulous La Camilla Henemark, recorded the album "Temper" in 1996 but it hasn't been released officially, until now. The sought after album is finally available on iTunes and Spotify.

If you prefer a CD edition, you can get a signed copy when ordering the special edition of Camilla's autobiography "Adjö Det Ljuva Livet". Get your copy now!

This cool pop album includes the singles "I'm Not In The Mood For Lovers" and "The Witch In Me".

"Temper" tracklist:

1. I'm Not In The Mood For Lovers
2. Liar
3. J B Baby
4. Free Your Mind
5. The Witch In Me
6. U.S. People
7. Queen Bitch Day
8. Tango Life
9. Caballeros
10. Silencio
11. Dissidents
12. Twin Souls
13. I'm Not In The Mood For Lovers (Single Edit)