Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sandra - Stay In Touch

One of by biggest idols is German pop singer Sandra, best known for her 1985 singles "(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena" and "In The Heat Of The Night". On October 26, she's finally releasing her brand new album "Stay In Touch" and I just can't wait!

"Stay In Touch" includes the amazing single "Maybe Tonight" and the upcoming single "Infinite Kiss". It will also be released as a deluxe edition, including a bonus disc with remixes.

Pre-order the deluxe edition of "Stay In Touch" now from Amazon UK, Amazon Germany or Amazon US.

"Stay In Touch" tracklist - CD 1:

1. Stay In Touch
2. Infinite Kiss
3. Between Me & The Moon
4. Maybe Tonight
5. Moscow Nights
6. Heart Of Wax
7. Kings & Queens
8. Angels In My Head
9. Sand Heart
10. Love Starts With A Smile
11. Sun In Disguise

"Stay In Touch" tracklist - CD 2:

1. Moscow Nights (Extended Version)
2. Kings & Queens (Extended Version)
3. Love Starts With A Smile (Extended Version)
4. Angels In My Head (Extended Version)
5. Stay In Touch (Extended Version)
6. Between Me & The Moon (Extended Version)
7. Sun In Disguise (Extended Version)
8. Maybe Tonight (Extended Version)
9. Infinite Kiss (Extended Version)
10. Sandheart (Extended Version)
11. Heart Of Wax (Extended Version)