Sunday, April 29, 2012

Titanic - 2012 miniseries on Blu-ray

I've always been very interested in the Titanic so I'm very excited about the new miniseries "Titanic", written by Julian Fellowes, the man behind "Downton Abbey" and "Gosford Park".

The new miniseries is being released on both Blu-ray and DVD. You can order the Blu-ray now from Amazon UK or Amazon US. Don't miss out on this wonderful series!

"All human life is on Titanic as she sets out on her maiden voyage. The upper-class family with their suffragette daughter and their warring servants; the wealthy elite of American society; the Irish lawyer in Second Class with his embittered wife; the young cabin steward and the impetuous Italian waiter who falls for her; the Catholic engineer fleeing Belfast with his wife and family to escape the sectarian conflict; the mysterious stranger in Steerage fleeing who knows what. And then there are the officers and crew.

As their stories interweave and we find our first impressions are often undermined by what we learn, there is one thing that we know for certain and they do not: that not all of them will survive."