Friday, September 11, 2020

Steps - What The Future Holds (New album, single, video)

The amazing pop group Steps is back with the brand new single "What The Future Holds", taken from the upcoming album of the same name. It's so good! I'm glad they keep doing melodic dance-pop music, just what the fans love. The album will even include a cover of one of my personal favourites: "Something In Your Eyes" by Jenny Silver.

The album will be out on November 27. You can pre-order it now from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon or the official Steps website. There are many different formats to choose from. Check out the brand new video down below.

"What The Future Holds" tracklist:

1. What The Future Holds
2. Something In Your Eyes
3. Clouds
4. To The Beat Of My Heart
5. Father's Eyes
6. One Touch
7. Under My Skin
8. Heartbreak In This City
9. Come And Dance With Me
10. Don't You Leave Us Halfway
11. To The One
12. Hold My Heart

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