Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Rare CD's: Tommy Page, PWL, Melissa Tkautz and more

Here are some new rare CD's in my record collection:

"Fresh" (1992) and "Is It...?" (1993) by Australian pop starlet Melissa Tkautz, "Right Rhythm" (1990) and "Friends' Advice (Don't Take It)" (1990) by The Pointer Sisters (including Shep Pettibone remixes), the 3" CD single "A Zillion Kisses" (1989) by Tommy Page (including amazing PWL remixes) and a 1991 promo CD from Crush Records (including rare songs by Small Talk, Paul Rein, Girls! and Tina).

Then some rare CD's Swedish artists: "Number One" (1988) by Carmen Kane and "Stillbilder" (1987) and "Hög Puls" (1989) by Milla's Mirakel!

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