Saturday, December 22, 2012

Siberian Heat - Mystic Time

I recently discovered the Russian pop duo Siberian Heat. The band consists of producer Vitaly Polozov and singer Elen Cora and they released their debut album "Mystic Time" earlier this year.

I instantly fell in love with Elen's magic voice and the electronic retro sound that sounds like it was made in 1985! If you like eighties artists such as C.C. Catch, Sandra and Modern Talking, then this is the perfect album for you!

"Mystic Time" is out now on iTunes and Spotify. You can also order the CD edition from SP Records and Discogs.

"Mystic Time" tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Siberian Girl, Siberian Boy
3. In Your City
4. You Can't Be Mine
5. Little Lady
6. Just Say Hello
7. Magic Blue Eyes
8. She's My Girl, She's My Child
9. Sorry
10. Letters
11. Fight For Your Dreams
12. Flute Cries
13. Angel's Heart
14. Elen
15. Vitaly