Saturday, September 26, 2009

All soaps about models are cancelled

Why is it that all good soap operas about models are cancelled? I think the only exception is "Ugly Betty", even thought it's more of a comedy-drama.

The CW is now cancelling the Ashton Kutcher produced drama "The Beautiful Life", starring Mischa Barton, after only two episodes. It's such a shame, because I thought it was really good!

Other great soap operas about models are 80's classic "Paper Dolls", starring Morgan Fairchild, and 90's classic "Models Inc." starring Linda Gray. They were both cancelled after only one season, even though they were really well-made. It's such a waste.

Shouldn't the fashion industry be the perfect place for a soap opera? Why do people prefer reality shows like "America's Next Top Model" over prime time soap operas about models?