Sunday, April 14, 2024

Supercub - I Had It All And Let It Go (7th Heaven Remixes) (2024)

I'm generally not a fan of covers. There are way too many cheap ones out there by people who want a quick buck without having to write their own song. But there are a few exceptions.

My lovely friend David Swinburn (alias Supercub) has just released a new single called "I Had It All And Let It Go". It was originally recorded by Swedish popstar Benjamin Ingrosso who co-wrote it with ABBA legend Björn Ulvaeus.

I'm a sucker for remixes by the 7th Heaven team and I mainly listen to electronic music, so I will surely listen to this one over the slower and acoustic original. Sorry, Benji! This single also includes the lovely remix from Supercub's catchy single "All Kinds Of Amazing" (2016) as a bonus track.

It's out now, get it here.

"I Had It All And Let It Go" tracklist:

1. I Had It All And Let It Go (7th Heaven Radio Edit)
2. I Had It All And Let It Go (7th Heaven Club Mix)
3. All Kinds Of Amazing (7th Heaven Radio Mix)

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