Sunday, November 22, 2020

Eurotix - The Best Of Times 2013-2020

I'm so happy to announce the release of "The Best Of Times 2013-2020" by my synthpop project Eurotix. It includes all our singles and fan favourites, plus "Try Again" remixes and the brand new song "Synchronize". All remastered especially for this collection.

The album is out digitally on Bandcamp (support the artists directly), iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. There is also a limited 2 CD edition available from Russian record label Maschina Records. We appreciate all your support!

"The Best Of Times 2013-2020" - CD 1:

1. I Plead Insanity (Unreleased Single Mix)
2. Life As It Slips Away
3. We Could Have Been (New Version)
4. Clubland
5. When You Go (Remix)
6. After Before, Before After
7. I'm Ready For My Close-Up (Remix)
8. The Secret (Remake)
9. Don't Let Go (Remake)
10. Let's Die Young (Unreleased Single Mix)
11. Are You Strong Enough?
12. When You Are In My Dreams
13. Kiss Them For Me
14. Computer Dating
15. Our Spaceboy (Remodel)
16. Will You Remember Me? (Remake 2)
17. Only For Love (Unreleased Single Mix)

"The Best Of Times 2013-2020" - CD 2:

1. Tonight
2. Hello Susie (Remodel)
3. The Best Of Times (Radio Edit)
4. Face Down (Remix)
5. Conquer The Universe
6. I'll Be Your Satellite
7. If You Were A War (Remix)
8. Naughty Boys
9. My Eyes
10. Run, Run, Run
11. To Mars
12. Call It Summer (2020 Remix)
13. Hypnotized
14. Cold
15. Coming Back To Life (Remix)
16. I Forget Myself
17. A Memory
18. Synchronize

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