Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Kim Wilde - Kim Wilde/Select/Catch As Catch Can (Reissues)

I am so happy about the brand new deluxe editions of my big idol Kim Wilde's first three albums "Kim Wilde", "Select" and "Catch As Catch Can". The remastering is so much better than the previous reissues and it's a joy listening to the albums and discovering sounds you didn't hear before. And of course it's great to get all the videos on a DVD, plus all the CD bonus tracks such as B-sides, remixes and previously unreleased outtakes.

This is a must for every Kim Wilde fan. I wish all of her eighties and nineties albums would get the same treatment. Kim is truly amazing! You can buy these editions on Amazon or straight from the Cherry Pop label. They are also available digitally on iTunes, Spotify and so on.

Don't miss out on these masterpieces! There are also vinyl reissues available for those who are still into that.

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