Thursday, December 08, 2016

Wilson Phillips - Wilson Phillips (Re-release)

Another classic pop gem is getting the deluxe treatment on December 9. American vocal group Wilson Phillips' eponymous album, originally released in 1990, has been remastered and expanded. It includes the singles "Hold On", "Release Me", "Impulsive", "You're In Love" and "The Dream Is Still Alive".

This album holds a special place in my heart. I usually prefer more electronic music, but this one is so good, mainly thanks to the catchy pop melodies and the girls' beautiful voices. Also, the song "Hold On" has helped me through some hard times and is one of my all-time favourites.

Pre-order your copy now from Amazon UK or Amazon US.

"Wilson Phillips" tracklist - CD 1:

1. Hold On
2. Release Me
3. Impulsive
4. Next To You (Someday I'll Be)
5. You're In Love
6. Over And Over
7. A Reason To Believe
8. Ooh You're Gold
9. Eyes Like Twins
10. The Dream Is Still Alive
11. Hold On (A Cappella)

"Wilson Phillips" tracklist - CD 2:

1. Release Me (Single Edit)
2. Hold On (Single Edit)
3. Impulsive (AOR Mix)
4. Impulsive (Single Edit)
5. Impulsive (Album Version Edit)
6. Mi Sueño Vive Aun
7. Otro Amor
8. You're In Love/Otro Amor (Spanglish Version)
9. The Dream Is Still Alive (Radio Edit)
10. The Dream Is Still Alive/Mi Sueño Vive Aun (Spanglish Version)
11. You're In Love (Radio Edit)
12. Hotel California (Live In Japan)
13. Hold On (Live In Japan)
14. A Conversation With Wilson Phillips