Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Cathy Dennis - Move To This (Re-release)

This week, I've been listening a lot to the reissue of Cathy Dennis' amazing pop album "Move To This" from 1990-1991. The reissue includes the original album and loads of bonus tracks and remixes, digitally remastered on two CD's.

The hit singles "Touch Me (All Night Long)", "Just Another Dream", "Too Many Walls" and "C'mon And Get My Love" are included. The album is a must for fans of Kylie and Dannii Minogue, Shep Pettibone and nineties dance-pop in general.

The reissue of "Move To This" was released in September 2014 by Universal and can be ordered from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

"Move To This" tracklist - CD 1

1. Just Another Dream
2. Touch Me (All Night Long)
3. C'mon And Get My Love
4. Too Many Walls
5. Tell Me
6. Everybody Move
7. Move To This
8. My Beating Heart
9. Got To Get Your Love
10. Taste My Love
11. Just Another Dream (Danny D 7" Edit)
12. Touch Me (All Night Long) (7" Mix)
13. That's The Way Of The World
14. Too Many Walls (Acoustic Mix)
15. Love Is
16. Everybody Move (7" Radio Edit)
17. Just Another Dream (7" Mix)
18. Everybody Move (Padapella)
19. Just Another Dream (Paul Simpson U.S. Remix)

"Move To This" tracklist - CD 2

1. C'mon And Get My Love (Dance Hall Mix)
2. Just Another Dream (12" Mix)
3. Everybody Move (Everybody’s House Mix)
4. Touch Me (All Night Long) (Club Mix)
5. Too Many Walls (L'Autre Mix)
6. C'mon And Get My Love (Spaghetti Western Mix)
7. Everybody Move (Everybody's Club Mix)
8. Just Another Dream (Funky Love Mix)
9. C'mon And Get My Love (Dedication Mix)
10. Just Another Dream (Nightlife Mix)
11. Just Another Dream (Alternative Bass Mix)