Saturday, October 04, 2014

My favourites: Samantha Fox - I Surrender (To The Spirit Of The Night) (1987)

It's time for another one of my all-time favourite songs. I became a Samantha Fox fan in the summer of 2000, when I first discovered and fell in love with eighties pop music. Her biggest hit "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)" instantly became one of my favourites, but I soon discovered that she had loads of other masterpieces in her discography.

One of them is the 1987 single "I Surrender (To The Spirit Of The Night)" taken from her second album "Samantha Fox". The track was produced by Jon Astrop and became a hit in Europe. I really love the electronic sound, especially the drums, and Samantha really proves that she is indeed a good vocalist!

Check out the official video down below, which uses an extended intro. You got to love the eighties fashion, shoulder pads and all. "I Surrender (To The Spirit Of The Night)" is available digitally on iTunes and Spotify, but I really recommend the remastered deluxe edition of the "Samantha Fox" album. It's fabulous!

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