Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sabrina - Colour Me

Fabulous eighties icon Sabrina Salerno is best known for her 1987 hit "Boys (Summertime Love)", which was followed by catchy pop and italo disco singles such as "Hot Girl", "My Chico" and the Stock Aitken Waterman produced "All Of Me (Boy Oh Boy)".

Now, the Italian star is back with the brand new single "Colour Me". Check out the video down below. I'm so glad Sabrina's still doing electronic club music and I hope we'll get a full dance-pop album in a near future! "Colour Me" is out now on iTunes and Spotify.

"Colour Me" tracklist:

1. Colour Me
2. Colour Me (Enrico Monti Remix)
3. Colour Me (Berny Barbaro Remix)