Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eighth Wonder - The Remix Anthology

I love Eighth Wonder, the British pop group featuring Patsy Kensit. They are best known for their eighties singles "Cross My Heart", "Baby Baby" and the Pet Shop Boys produced "I'm Not Scared", one of my all-time favourites.

In 2010, Cherry Pop Records released an expanded reissue of the group's fantastic album "Fearless", and on July 21, they're also releasing a new compilation called "The Remix Anthology".

As you probably guessed, it includes a collection of cool remixes by Little Louie Vega, David Leonard, Richard James Burgess, Alan Shacklock, Pet Shop Boys and PWL icons Pete Hammond and Phil Harding.

Pre-order your copy now from Amazon UK och Amazon US.

"The Remix Anthology" tracklist:

1. Stay With Me (Extended Version)
2. Having It All (Extended Version)
3. Will You Remember (Extended Mix)
4. When The Phone Stops Ringing (Extended Remix)
5. I'm Not Scared (Disco Mix)
6. Cross My Heart (House Mix)
7. Baby Baby (Dance Mix)
8. Use Me (Remix)
9. Dusted (Acid House Mix)
10. I'm Not Scared (Little Louie Vega Mix)
11. Cross My Heart (Club Mix)
12. I'm Not Scared (10" Remix)