Monday, March 10, 2014

Video: Susie Päivärinta - God Bless The Rain

Susie Päivärinta, member of fabulous disco duo Lili & Susie, has just released a video for her beautiful new solo single "God Bless The Rain". Check it our down below! The song is quite different from Lili & Susie's disco music, it a mixture of mature rock, blues and country music.

Some of you might recognize Peter Englund in the video, known from Swedish dragshow group Diamond Dogs. "God Bless The Rain" is out now on iTunes and Spotify!

Lili & Susie have also released the single "Fly, Fly Little Bird" on iTunes and Spotify. It's the theme song from Lili's TV show "Djurens Hjältar". More releases coming soon so stay tuned for more Lili & Susie news!