Thursday, August 04, 2011

Free Lili & Susie download

You can download Lili & Susie's new single "Bailamor" for free during Stockholm Pride. Just go to this website to get your own MP3. The English version of the song, plus seven club remixes are available on iTunes.

"Bailamor" tracklist:

1. Bailamor
2. Bailamor (English Version)
3. Bailamor (SoundFactory Paradise Mix)
4. Bailamor (Andreas Berg Svensk Anthem Remix)
5. Bailamor (Andreas Berg English Anthem Remix)
6. Bailamor (SoundFactory Radio Mix)
7. Bailamor (Andreas Berg Svensk Radio Remix)
8. Bailamor (Andreas Berg English Radio Remix)
9. Bailamor (SoundFactory Diamond Dub)