Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pepsi & Shirlie - All Right Now (Re-release)

Pepsi & Shirlie's 1987 pop album "All Right Now" is being re-released on April 25 by Cherry Pop. It includes their previously unreleased version of the Stock Aitken Waterman track "Who's Gonna Catch You", also recorded by Sinitta and Mel & Kim. Pre-order it from Amazon.

"All Right Now" tracklist:

1. Heartache
2. Lovers' Revolution
3. Can't Give Me Love
4. Hightime (Jellybean Remix)
5. What's Going On Inside Your Head
6. Goodbye Stranger
7. Surrender
8. Crime Of Passion
9. All Right Now
10. Who's Gonna Catch You (When You Fall)
11. Feels Like The First Time
12. Dreaming
13. It's A Shame
14. Heartache (Dot & Daisy's Club Remix)
15. Goodbye Stranger (Extended Version)
16. Can't Give Me Love (Extended Version)
17. Who's Gonna Catch You (When You Fall) (Extended Version)