Sunday, February 07, 2010

Haywoode - Arrival (Re-release)

You can now pre-order the remastered reissue of Haywoode's classic album "Arrival" from Amazon. The album, originally released in 1986, includes the Stock Aitken Waterman singles "Getting Closer" and "You'd Better Not Fool Around".

The new edition also includes many rare bonus tracks and remixes. Don't miss this wonderful pop album.

"Arrival" tracklist:

1. Roses
2. Getting Closer
3. Single Handed
4. I Can't Let You Go (Detroit 7" Mix)
5. Jelly Baby
6. You'd Better Not Fool Around
7. I Wanna Be Your Lover
8. A Time Like This
9. Missing You
10. Under Fire
11. Tease Me
12. A Time Like This (Extended Version Part 1)
13. Single Handed (Extended Version)
14. I Can't Let You Go (Thigh & Mighty Mix)
15. Getting Closer (Extended Version)
16. You'd Better Not Fool Around (Extended Version)
17. Roses (Extended Version)