Monday, December 14, 2009

Mixtape: Sabrina - The Disco Club Collection

Last year, italo disco star Sabrina Salerno released a greatest hits album called "Erase/Rewind". It included new remixes of her classic hits from the 1980's. Today, I made my own mixtape CD, called "The Disco Club Collection", an album I wished they would release officially, with original versions of Sabrina's hits. What do you think of the tracklist? I would also love a bonus disc featuring rare remixes.

"The Disco Club Collection" tacklist:

1. Boys (Summertime Love)
2. Sexy Girl
3. Hot Girl (New Version)
4. All Of Me (Boy Oh Boy)
5. Like A Yo-Yo
6. My Chico
7. Sex (Remix)
8. Doctor's Orders
9. Gringo
10. Yeah Yeah
11. Afraid To Love
12. Shadows Of The Night
13. Cover Model
14. Angel Boy
15. Rockawillie
16. I Love You (Remix)
17. Born To Be Alive
18. Erase/Rewind

The tracks weren't illegally downloaded, I have them all on CD.