Friday, October 08, 2021

Eurotix - The Stupid Ones (EP)

After a long break because of the pandemic, mine and Larry Forsberg's synthpop project Eurotix are finally back with the brand new EP "The Stupid Ones". And don't worry, our signature sound of eighties retro synthpop hasn't gone away.

The title track is our most political one yet, discussing the state of the world right now and how some people prefer hate and ignorance over love. The EP also includes a funny song about a guy wishing he was Tom Jones, the melancholic "Memory Lane" and finally a brand new remix of the song "You Won't See Me Dancing".

Please support our music by buying or streaming the new EP, out on Bandcamp (supports the artist directly), iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and many other digital music stores.

"The Stupid Ones":

1. The Stupid Ones
2. Tom Jones
3. Memory Lane
4. You Won't See Me Dancing (2021 Remix)

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