Thursday, December 07, 2017

Martika - Martika's Kitchen (Re-release)

I'm a big fan of US pop singer Martika and in 2014, Cherry Pop Records reissued her amazing 1988 debut album "Martika". Now, the time has come to her second album, "Martika's Kitchen", originally released in 1991, featuring four Prince collaborations.

The singles "Love...Thy Will Be Done", "Martika's Kitchen", "Coloured Kisses" and "Safe In The Arms Of Love" are all included. The album has been remastered and expanded, including rare remixes and edits.

The reissue will be released on January 26. Pre-order your copy now from Amazon UK, Amazon US or Cherry Pop.

"Martika's Kitchen" tracklist - CD 1:

1. Martika's Kitchen
2. Spirit
3. Love...Thy Will Be Done
4. A Magical Place (Feat. Christopher Max)
5. Coloured Kisses
6. Safe In The Arms of Love
7. Pride & Prejudice
8. Take Me To Forever
9. Temptation
10. Don't Say U Love Me
11. Broken Heart
12. Mi Tierra (Feat. Celia Cruz)

"Martika's Kitchen" tracklist - CD 2:

1. Love...Thy Will Be Done (7" Edit)
2. Martika's Kitchen (7" Edit)
3. Coloured Kisses (7" Edit)
4. Safe In The Arms Of Love (Edit Version)
5. Spirit (Radio Edit)
6. Love...Thy Will Be Done (Prince Mix)
7. Martika's Kitchen (Remix 1 Alt. 7" Video Version)
8. Coloured Kisses (Remix)
9. Spirit (House Mix)
10. Martika's Kitchen (Extended Version)
11. Spirit (Hip-Hop Mix)
12. Martika's Kitchen (Alt. Dub Version)