Sunday, February 05, 2012

Hunk of the day: Lee E. Scharfstein (Interview With The Vampire)

Have you seen the 1994 horror movie "Interview With The Vampire"? It's based on a popular novel by Anne Rice, and stars Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise as two hunky, homoerotic vampires.

If so, did you ever notice hot actor Lee E. Scharfstein? He had a very small but mesmerizing part in the movie, as "Widow's Lover": a young and extremely cute guy with lips to die for. He ends up being seduced by Tom Cruise, which is short but sweet.

Some months ago, I happened to find Lee on Twitter and had to send him a message, complimenting his good looks. Mind you, he still looks amazing! To my great surprise, Lee replied, thanking me for the compliment.

I better finish this blog post now before I start sounding like a stalker or something. Ha ha! I just like giving compliments, that's all. Enjoy this beautiful photo of Lee from the movie: