Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Hazell Dean Vs. Energise Records

This text below was originally posted on my Facebook page, but since it was posted, many people contacted me saying they too have read offensive comments by the record label and therefor stopped supporting their music, so I thought I would post my original message here on the blog as well, for those who are interested. One of the people who contacted me even said they were blocked on Twitter by the label for calling them out on a racist tweet which it saying a lot. 

Many of you have seen the statement about what happened between eighties pop icon Hazell Dean and the Energise Records label. I feel it has gotten out of hand and I wanted to share my thoughts. I might lose some friends over it, but if that's so, they weren't really friends to begin with.

Here are my ten cents: We don't know everything about this issue and we can disagree. However, I think it's unfair that some people blindly put the blame of the label closing on Hazell Dean after reading the statement (now deleted) the Energise guys put up. They did make mistakes, but in my opinion, trying to excuse it by making Hazell seem "overly sensitive" is not cool.

I'm not getting involved with the photos since I haven't seen them. However, I've seen stuff the label has posted in the past, and that "white pride" comment (now also deleted) is inexcusable in my opinion. I unfollowed the label after reading that. People can moan all they want about people being "so sensitive" and "snowflakes" these days, but to me, it's a good thing to speak up against racism, sexism etc. That doesn't mean that I think the record label should close, but I think there is more to that story. Besides, them choosing to close the label after the scandal is not Hazell's decision, it's theirs, so don't put that on her.

Also, to say: "The white pride thing was a joke", is just stupid. And it makes it sound like people are longing to go back to the fifties when "everything was perfect". It wasn't, trust me. Especially not for minorities, but maybe most people commenting don't really care about them.

I find that way too many people are victim blaming (without knowing the full story) and saying that those who find certain things offensive are "snowflakes". I think that the real snowflakes are the "old-fashioned" people saying everything was so much better in the past, before LGBTQ people, women and people of colour started asking for equality. And yes, I know that gay people have been writing this too, which just shows that hate is in every group, not just among "middle-aged white cis men", although they seem over-represented.

After this post, I won't check any more posts or replies about this subject, since it has gotten out of hand with some of the commenters. I don't have the energy for all the hate.

Think what you like, but please THINK before you start posting stuff about people being "overly sensitive". Especially when you aren't the target of whatever has been posted. It's just not right.

Peace out.

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